100 Amazing Gifts For Photographers That Will Fit Any Budget

The best gifts are the ones that show the people we love how well we know them and the little things that make them who they are. Giving someone a gift that they truly love is such a great feeling, but it’s not always the easiest tasks. We’ve compiled a list of 100 gifts for photographers to make it easy to find the perfect present for your friends and family who are gifted behind a camera.

Some of these are practical gifts, helping your photographer take more unique and high-quality pictures, while some are just fun little knick knacks with photo-flare that don’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for a truly special gift or just something to make someone smile, all of these options are sure to show your favorite photographer that you put a little extra thought into their holiday present this year.

Gifts For Photographers: $5-$25

1. Retro Camera Mug

Price: $10

Why it’s a great gift: This adorable ceramic coffee mug is made to look exactly like a retro camera. And we thought enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee couldn’t get any better!


2. White Magnetic Photo Rope

Price: $12

Why it’s a great gift: What’s not to love about this fantastic magnetic rope?It’s is a great alternative for an ordinary boring photo frame. It has surprisingly strong magnets to hold your photos of any size steady.


3. Splat Flexible Tripod

Price: $19.99 – $22.99

Why it’s a great gift: This flexible tripod for your camera can be used for taking sharp photos, long-exposure shots, and steady videos. The splat flexes and folds in countless ways securing your camera in either tripod or mount setup. Comes in three different mount options depending on which camera it will be used with it.

(Editor’s note: This tripod is perfect for smaller cameras such as a GoPro or Nikon 1 since it only supports up to 3 lbs. It may not be suitable for most DSLRs. In which case, we highly recommend the GorillaPod. If you need help choosing the right flexible tripod, feel free to ask in the comments and we’ll do our best to come to your rescue!)


4. Camera Strap for DSLR Cameras

Price: $7.69

Why it’s a great gift: This vivid, colorful camera strap is made with durable cotton with padding to soften the load on your shoulders. It’s compatible with all cameras.


5. Camera Lens Travel Mug

Price:  $9.99

Why it’s a good gift: This is a perennial best selling gift for photographers and it’s easy to see why! Now you can show off your appreciation for photography even when you’re on the go. The mug is available in two colors: black and white. It can be used for both cold and hot beverages.


6. 8 GB Nikon Camera Shaped USB

Price: $4.68

Why it’s a great gift: It can get boring sitting at your desk, why not surround yourself with some fun desk companions? This cute, small camera isn’t a camera at all! It’s a useful and handy USB flash drive–prefect for all your storage needs.


7. Adobe Post Processing Shortcuts Keyboard Skin

Price: $18.99

Why it’s a great gift: It’s impossible to learn how to type on the keyboard without letters on it, so why should you try to learn keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop with no shortcuts on your keys? This colorful, custom-fitted keyboard skin will automate your workflow and turn you into an editing wizard in no time flat. Available for Ligthroom and Photoshop.


8. Vintage Camera Watch and Necklace

Price: $6.89

Why it’s a great gift: Here’s a perfect gift for a anyone who loves both photography and jewelry.


9. Camera Cookie Cutters

Price: $19.95

Why it’s a great gift: Who knew cameras could be a source of inspiration not only for photography, but for cooking too! Meet the camera cookie cutters that make funny, tasty, and cute cookies for a whole family and great gifts for photographers.


10. The Complete Portrait Manual: 200+ Tips and Techniques for Shooting Perfect Photos of People

Price: $17.65

Why it’s a great gift: If you’re a newbie photographer looking to improve your portrait photography skills, this book is exactly what you need. It includes over 200 techniques to shoot the portrait you want.


11. Thermal Fingerless Gloves

Price: $14.99

Why it’s a great gift: These super-warm gloves will keep your hands warm even if it’s freezing. They’re fingerless, so you can push your camera buttons or text message with ease.


12. Glass Coasters Set 

Price: $10.52

Why it’s a great gift: The set includes four tempered glass coasters that will protect your tables. The best part, is that you can insert your own photos there and make them look like Polaroid prints!


13. Black Camera Lapel Pin

Price: $8.50

Why it’s a great gift: A nice and cheap gift for photographer you know, a colleague, or a friend.


14. Lens Cleaning System

Price: $7.99

Why it’s a great gift: Cleaning your lens is highly important to keep your photos high-quality and clean. Here is a perfect tool for this.


15. Panoramic 360°/ 120-Minute Time Lapse Tripod Head for Cameras

Price: $19.95

Why it’s a great gift:  Here is a panoramic 360° tripod for your DSLR camera suitable for taking time-lapse videos. It can be used for any smartphone, GoPro cam, or camera up to 4.4 lbs.


16. Camera Lens Pillowcase

Price: $8.98

Why it’s a great gift: This awesome lens pillow will be sure to please the true photography fans in your life.


17. 5-in-1 Portable Reflectors

Price: $15

Why it’s a great gift: These pocket reflectors allow you to change up the way light reflects off of your subjects in a shoot. The gold one can warm up the tones in the photos, the silver brightens things up, the black blocks out unwanted light.


18. Photographer’s Memo Book

Price: $9.99

Why it’s a great gift: This little notebook helps photographers keep notes on their film exposures and includes space to keep track of camera/lens choices and film type.

19. White Transparent Photo Umbrella Studio Reflector

Price: $13.99

Why it’s a great gift: This easily portable umbrella helps to defuse light evenly over the subject of your photo and eliminates glares and spots.


20. GoPro Handheld Underwater Sport Selfie Stick

Price: $9.99

Why it’s a great gift: This selfie stick eliminates the difficulty of shooting beautiful pictures underwater. Durable, portable, and compact, this gift will mount a GoPro and keep it afloat so that you can take photos while submerged.


21. LOOP World Adapter Plug

Price: $9.99

Why it’s a great gift: This is the perfect gift for any internationally traveling photographer. With this adapter you will never have to worry about running out of power, no matter what country you’re in.

22. Reindeer Shutter Hugger

Price: $19.99

Why it’s a great gift: Shutter Huggers are an excellent gift for photographers who spend a lot of time working with kids. Children aren’t always the most cooperative models, so adding some cuddliness to the lens can make those jobs go a bit more smoothly.


23. GoPro Dog Harness

Price: $19.48

Why it’s a great gift: If your photographer friend or family member loves animals as much as they love taking pictures, this will be the perfect gift for them. The harness allows you to strap on your GoPro to the back of your pet and see the world through their lens.


24. Camera Lens Keychain

Price: $3.56

Why it’s a great gift: This keychain is a great stocking stuffer that lets its owner carry a little photo-flare everywhere they go.

25. Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster

Price: $9.99

Why it’s a great gift: This gift makes it easy and quick to clean dirt off of any camera lens while making sure that none of the debris enters the lens in the process.

26. Camera Lens Shot Glasses

Price: $14.99

Why it’s a great gift: These little glasses are a super fun and cheap gift and show your love for photography at any party!

27. Photography Prism

Price: $14.99

Why it’s a great gift: This photography prism is made from high-quality optical glass that can create bright rainbow effects in photos by splitting light beams and into different spectral components.


28. Polaroid Film

Price: $18.99

Why it’s a great gift: If you’re buying for a photographer that loves to use a Polaroid camera, they’ll always be grateful to have more film to shoot with.

29. Photo Booth Props

Price: $16.99

Why it’s a great gift: These props add a little fun to the photos your photographer will be taking over the holiday season, but you can get props themed for any event or purpose.

30. Camera Patent Art Prints

Price: $17.99

Why it’s a great gift: With illustrations of the earliest camera designs that take your photographer back to the origins of their favorite device, these prints let your photographer show off their passion through home decor.

31. Phone Camera Lens Kit

Price: $20.99

Why it’s a great gift: Who says you need a big fancy camera to take awesome photos? This 9-in-1 lens kit gives you options to work with so that you can turn your phone into the ultimate photography device.

32. PopSocket

Price: $16.99

Why it’s a great gift: This PopSocket not only adds some photo-flare to any phone, but it also makes it easier for your photographer to hold their smartphone while taking pictures.

33. EVita Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader Adapter

Price: $10.99

Why it’s a great gift: This adapter makes it easy for a photographer to transfer photos from their camera’s SD card straight to their iPhone.

34. Photography Idea Cards

Price: $19.95

Why it’s a great gift: It’s easy for artists to fall into creative slumps, but these little cards act like prompts to challenge photographers to turn even the most mundane objects into visual art.

35. Stemless Wine Glass

Price: $14.99

Why it’s a great gift: Taking pictures can be exhausting, and this punny photography-themed wine glass is great for unwinding after a long day on set or at the studio.


36. Film Roll Salt & Pepper Shakers

Price: $10.99

Why it’s a great gift: These make great gifts for photographers looking to shake up their kitchen decor.


37. Camera Water Bottle

Price: $19.69

Why it’s a great gift: Whether you’re a professional photographer or take pictures just for fun, you’ve gotta stay hydrated! This bottle comes with a clip so that you can keep your water close while you’re snapping pics.


38. Camera Paper Clips

Price: $7.96

Why it’s a great gift: Sometimes it’s the little things. These tiny little paper clips add a little personality to any photographer’s planner, journal, or notebook.

39. The Photographer’s Playbook

Price: $22.46

Why it’s a great gift: This gift keeps photographers on their toes by sending them out on interesting and original assignments so that they never run out of things to explore through the lens.

40. Camera Socks

Price: $5.00

Why it’s a great gift: Who doesn’t love a pair of fun socks? These are great gifts for photographers to keep their toes warm and highlight their love for the lens.

41. Photo Backdrop

Price: $29.99

Why it’s a great gift: Photo backdrops are great props for professional photographers. This one creates a simple, classic look, but there are infinite scenes you can create with a backdrop.

42. Photo Scrapbook

Price: $9.99

Why it’s a great gift: Photographers want to cherish their work and memories, and what better way than a tangible book that highlights their best shots? This beautiful scrapbook is a great gift for photographers who want to get creative around their images.

43. Scrapbooking Kit

Price: $29.99

Why it’s a great gift: Speaking of scrapbooking, this kit is a great way to add some extra vintage personality to any photographer’s work.

44. Wood Block & Prints

Price: $20.99

Why it’s a great gift: These little wooden blocks are great gifts for photographers because they are a simple way to show off their favorite pictures. It can hold 12 different photos so that you can constantly rotate between shots.

45. Camera Stud Earrings

Price: $10.99

Why it’s a great gift: These studs are great gifts for photographers who want to pair their love for photos with every look.

46. Artful Organizer: Vintage Camera

Price: $29.99

Why it’s a great gift: This gift is another way for photographers to spice up their home with their passion for photography.

Gifts For Photographers: $25-$50

47. Pocket Lensball

Price: $29.99

Why it’s a great gift: Made from K9 crystal, this Lensball is a versatile gift that can help your photographer experiment with unique effects.

48. The Film Photography Handbook

Price: $37.04

Why it’s a great gift: Getting into film photography can be overwhelming for a photographer who is more well-versed in the digital realm. This gift gives them all the tools they need to develop their own film.

49. Photo Video Studio

Price: $36.99

Why it’s a great gift: This kit is a great gift for photographers because it provides all the basics to set up a shoot anytime and anywhere.  It includes a cross bar, support stand, photo clamp, sand bag, and carry bag.


50. PhotoLemur 3

Price: $35

Why it’s a great gift: This photo editor is relatively cheap, and allows photographers to make expert-level adjustments with just one click. You won’t get the results you would if you had worked on the photos for hours, but this one-click software lets you refine many photos efficiently.


51. The Pocket Spotlight

Price: $30

Why it’s a great gift: This pocket spotlight gives you a magic ability to control the light. It has three different modes: full strength, half strength and strobe for any occasion.


52. Matador Lens Base Layer

Price: $39.99

Why it’s a great gift: This stylish lens base layer will keep those expensive lenses from dings, bumps, scratches, and drops while traveling and adventure seeking. They lightweight, compact, and can extend the life of photography gear.


53. Best Business Practices for Photographers

Price: $37.26

Why it’s a great gift: Just because you’re great behind the lens doesn’t mean you know how to start a photography business. This book has everything an aspiring freelancer needs to grow their clientele and make a living off their passion.

54. Leather (Brown) Camera Strap

Price: $29.87

Why it’s a great gift: Save your photographer’s shoulders and give their camera a makeover with this super stylish accessory. We love this awesome brown leather strap. It’s designed to carry up to 12 pounds, making it perfect for the fashion forward DSLR toting photographer in your life.


55. Vintage Leather DSLR Camera Bag

Price: $37.99

Why it’s a great gift: This amazing antique brown camera bag is made of PU leather and is waterproof. It’s perfect for a DSLR with 2 lenses. It can be your helper on any photo shoot.


56. The iPhone 6 Telephoto Lens

Price: $35

Why it’s a great gift: Sure, this funky lens can make your phone look a little funny, but who cares?! When you use it, your iPhone’s camera will boast 12 times more zoom to shoot perfect images. Note, each lens comes with a case, mini tripod, and cleaning cloth.


57. Camalapse

Price: $29.99

Why it’s a great gift: Camalapse will help you to take smooth panning time-lapse videos. It’s a simple rotating stand for your camera or smartphone.


58. Original Photo Portfolio

Price: $41.18

Why it’s a great gift: Every professional photographer needs a portfolio that makes their work shine. This beautiful gift for photographers will help them land that new client or job.

59. Projecteo from Mint Digital

Price: $35.48

Why it’s a great gift: Do you like watching your images and videos at night on your smartphone, but keep dropping the phone on your face all the time? We’re not judging you, we’ve done it too. Meet Projecteo – a tiny Instagram projector with custom 35mm Kodak film slides of your Instagram shots. Kinda makes you nostalgic for those old-style projectors doesn’t it?


60. F-Stop Photographer Analog Water Resistant Watch

Price: $39.95

Why it’s a great gift: For the photographer who already has all the latest gadgets and pieces of gear, this stylish watch makes the perfect gift for any occasion.


61. The Handy Dandy Hand Strap

Price: $40

Why it’s a great gift: Steady your shots without having to tangle an entire camera strap around your hand. The hand strap creates stable shooting environments without the bulk.


62. Tintype Parlor Kit

Price: $36.99

Why it’s a great gift: Tintype was one of the first photo developing processes, originating in the 1800s. This is a great gift for a photographer who loves to nerd out on their photography history.

63. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6 Book

Price: $43.30

Why it’s a great gift: The Adobe Suite is an essential tool for every photographer, but it can have a steep learning curve if you’re trying to teach yourself. This book can get those newbies started and has new tips and tricks even for Photoshop experts.

64. Fabulous Photographer Wine Bottle Holder

Price: $34.99

Why it’s a great gift: This little guy puts your photographer’s wine on display and adds a little personality to their kitchen or bar while showing of their love for taking photos.

65. Leather Camera Case

Price: $27.99

Why it’s a great gift: This awesome camera case is made out of excellent leather and sports a retro feel. It is durable, soft, and will fit Nikon cameras.


66. Professional White Balance Lens Filter

Price: $49.95

Why it’s a great gift: This great gift for photographers help to achieve the perfect color in photos and eliminate post-production color correction.

67. Triggertrap

Price: $37

Why it’s a great gift: It might not look like much to a non-photographer, but this little gadget totally rules. It gives photographers all sorts of remote trigger options by allowing you to control your camera through your smartphone. Made for either Nikon or Canon.


68. Smoovie Video Stabilizer

Price: $29

Why it’s a great gift: This pocket-sized video stabilizer for your smartphone will help you avoid camera shake when you are taking a video and movies. If you’ve been meaning to level up your YouTube videos, this little tool will take you there.


69. Smartphone Shutter Remote

Price: $22

Why it’s a great gift: Great to carry around in your bag for those impromptu smartphone selfie moments.


Gifts For Photographers: $50-$100

70. Camera Mode Cufflinks

Price: $54.95

Why it’s a great gift: These are great gifts for photographers who want to add a subtle flare to their more elevated looks.

71. Sleeping by the Mississippi

Price: $49.97

Why it’s a great gift: Inspiring a photographer with a beautiful book of photos is always a great gift option. Alec Soth’s Sleeping by the Mississippi is a definitive book of modern photography, but you can browse the world of coffee table books to find the one that’s best for your loved one.

72. The Makeup Artist Handbook

Price: $49.95

Why it’s a great gift: Not every shoot is going to have a professional makeup artist on set. This book contains tips on how to make models shine on camera, and is a great gift for a photographer who loves to work have people on the other side of the lens.


73. Holga Lens Kit For DSLRs

Price: $89.9

Why it’s a great gift: Move over Instagram filters. With this fun little lens kit, that special photographer of yours can add a vintage feel to their photos directly in camera.  Be sure to verify what brand lenses your photographer use so you get the correct size! For Canon lenses click here. For Nikon lenses, grab this set.


74. Photojojo Three Iris Lens Set

Price: $69.99

Why it’s a great gift: This kit includes Wide, Fisheye and Macro lenses to beat those boring smartphone photo blues. Again, you’ll need to make sure you’re buying the correct lens set for the phone they will be used with. These awesome sets are available for iPhones, or buy the entire kit including Android lenses for $90. Both sets come with a handy carrying case.

photojojo-lens gift for photograpehrs

75. olloclip STUDIO for iPhone

Price: $89.99

Why it’s a great gift: The amazing kit includes the following accessories for your iPhone: a Finger Grip, 1/4-inch mounts­ to attach a tripod, Cold-Shoe Adapters, and a Kickstand for reading or watching videos on the smartphone.


76. Foldio 2 – 15″ Folding Portable Lightbox Studio

Price: $74.95

Why it’s a great gift: Foldio is a small pop-up studio lighting tent to shoot small objects. Just right for perfect product photography.


77. Aperture Magazine Subscription

Price: $75 per year

Why it’s a great gift: This international magazine features innovative, high-quality images that will keep any photographer inspired year-round.

78. Lume Cube – Pocket Light

Price: $79.99

Why it’s a great gift: Here is one more pocket light to boost your photos. You can control the brightness and the duration of light with buttons on Lume Cube or smartphone app.


79. Vintage Camera Bookends

Price: $53.24

Why it’s a great gift: These old-fashioned vintage camera bookends are designed for those who love books and photography. While you’re at it, why not grab a few photography books to keep between them? We really enjoyed The Decisive Moment, National Geographic Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary, and Vivian Maier: Street Photographer.


80. 360° Time Lapse Camera Device For Your GoPro

Price: $74.08

Why it’s a great camera: If you’re shooting time-lapse videos and panoramas with a GoPro, this device is perfect for you. It is a rotating tripod to keep your camera steady while shooting. Just setup duration and angle, turn on your camera, and let the devices do the work for you.


81. Camera Travel Bag

Price: $56.99

Why it’s a great gift: If you need versatility, this camera backpack is a must-have.



82. VSCO Film Essentials

Price: $59

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for photographers who love the look of film but whose expertise lies more in digital photography. These presets can be used in Adobe Lightroom to give digital photos a new look.


83. Cotton Strap – Backpack Add-on

Price: $79

Why it’s a great gift: This useful strap is a great addition to your camera bag. It’s more comfortable and secure than slinging your camera around your neck. It’s perfect for sports, wedding, nature shooting.


84. Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera

Price: $54.99

Why it’s a great gift: This camera is stylish and vintage for fashionistas, not professional photographers, but it’s still tons of fun. It features light body, automatic exposure measurements and a quirky hipster look. This camera shoots images and develop them just like an old-school Polaroid camera. Don’t forget to include a pack or two of film so your photographer can start using it right away.


85. Macro LED Ring Flash & Light Includes 4 Diffusers

Price: $54.99

Why it’s a great gift: Nice ring flashes are no longer for fashion photo shoots only. They fit any camera and any budget. It easily sticks in front of your lens and has three modes of lighting.


86. Aquapac Waterproof SLR Camera Case 458

Price: $71.59

Why it’s a great gift: If you’re going on vacation to the ocean, you need to shoot underwater! It’s a memorable experience. And this waterproof case will help you to do that. Also, you can use it for shooting in bad weather conditions.


87. Solar Charger

Price: $74.99

Why it’s a great gift: This Solar Charger can keep your photographer’s devices at full battery when outlets are scarce. Shooting on a remote location doesn’t always offer much in the way of electricity, but all you need with this gift is a little sunlight.

88. LED Video Light Wand

Price: $99.99

Why it’s a great gift: This light has 10 adjustable brightness levels and illuminates your photo shoot to a color temperature of 3200K-5500K. It has a rechargeable battery and includes infrared remote control.

89. Wireless Photo Printer

Price: $99.99

Why it’s a great gift: Many people like to decorate their room or apartment with photos of their favorite memories, but not everyone wants to place an order at their local print shop every time they want to update what’s in their frames. Having your own compact printer allows you to easily and instantly print out 4×6 copies of your new favorite shots.

90. Cinta Strap

Price: $99.99

Why it’s a great gift: These artisan camera straps will make a camera stand out. You can get bright colors or more muted tons, but either way they are a beautiful addition to any photographer’s style.


91. Drone with Camera

Price: $99.99

Why it’s a great gift: Drones help photographers create beautiful aerial photos and videos by giving them a bird’s eye view through the lens of a high-quality camera.


Gifts For Photographers: $100+

92. Widescreen Digital Photo & HD Video Frame

Price: $109.99

Why it’s a great gift: This digital photo frame is a great way for your photographer to show off their work and display some of their favorite memories. The slideshow can be easily updated through a USB drive and has clock, calendar, and audio functions.

93. Polaroid Mobile Printer

Price: $116.72

Why it’s a great gift: This compact, white photo printer allows you to print your photos directly from any smartphone. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.


94. Lowepro DSLR Camera Backpack

Price: $129.99

Why it’s a great gift: When it comes to quality camera bags, Lowepro is tried and true. This backpack is comfortable and lightweight. The side-entry component makes it easy to access your camera anytime. The security flap offers additional protection for your gear.


95. Lomography Camera

Price: $109

Why it’s a great gift: Three shooting modes, the ability to shoot multiple and long exposures, flash, auto and manual mode, plus a nice design with retro feel…This camera will make any Lomography fan do a little happy dance when they receive it as a gift, believe me!


96.  Legged Thing Travel Tripod

Price: $149.95

Why it’s a great gift: Ask any pro and they will tell you to ever skimp on lenses or tripods. This great travel tripod from 3 Legged Thing certainly fits the bill.



97. The Polaroid Cube

Price: $149.99

Why it’s a great gift: The cube is the smallest camera by Polaroid allowing you to take videos or pictures anywhere you go. At only 2 inches small, the Cube will perfectly fit your pocket. It syncs with your mobile phone too!


98. Fujifilm Deluxe Pack

Price: $118.95

Why it’s a great gift: This camera gives you the physical snapshots of your best memories instantly. The kit comes with a macro lens, selfie lens, color filter lens, camera case, and various wall decor items, making it a perfect gift for photographers who want to make their favorite memories even more fun.

99. Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan

Price: $120

Why it’s a great gift: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are the choice editing software by amateurs and professionals alike. Combined with our post processing tutorials, these essential tools will take photos of all types to the next level.


100. Everyday Messenger Bag

Price: $249.95

Why it’s a great gift: If a messenger style bag is more your speed, this one has gathered over $6,000,000 on Kickstarter for a reason. It’s sleek, sexy, and will keep your gear safe while you’re on the move.


Over to You

Have you a bought a gift from this list? How was it received by your favorite photographer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below! We would also love to hear from you if you have suggestions that we can add to this list.

Happy shopping!

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