How to Quickly Start a Photography Blog With PhotoBlog

So you’ve decided to create a blog to share your photos and ideas with the world. Starting a blog or website from scratch can seem overwhelming if you’re not technically minded. Luckily, Photoblog is designed to save you that stress and the steep learning curve. By choosing to create your blog with Photoblog, you don’t have to worry about programming languages, widgets or astronomical hosting fees. In fact, this will be the easiest blog you’ll ever create!

Let’s take a look and We’ll talk you through the process of setting up your blog….

Let’s Create Your Photoblog Account

To get started, head over to and click on Start your blog.

Start a blog icon

A box will pop up asking you for some information about yourself. You can either choose a username and password for Photoblog, or you can create a blog using your Facebook account. It’s entirely up to you which you choose.

Registration pop-up to create your own blog

Tip: Username is used as the URL of your blog i.e. it carefully and pick a short memorable username. If you need to change it later, you would have to contact support.

After you’ve signed up, a notification will appear, saying you’ve been sent an email to verify your email address. All you need to do is go to your email inbox, locate the message and click on confirm your email link.

Now You Can Upload Photos and Create Photo Stories

Sections below will teach you step-by-step actions on how to complete your blog. However, if you are really eager to publish your first photo story to the world, you can head onto our powerful story editor now and start uploading your photos. If you need help with the editor, we have a full step-by-step guide to it here.

Let’s Complete Your Blog in Few Minutes!

To complete your blog, tweak a few things in My Settings page and you’re good to go! Click on the avatar icon in the top right-hand corner and select “My Settings” from the drop down menu that appears.

Manage your blog settings by clicking on the settings menu drop down

Let’s take a look through the options in order, from left to right…

  • Profile settings

From profile settings page you can view your username, change your password and upgrade to a Photoblog PRO plan if you wish.

Screenshot of the profile settings page. This page allows to manage your name, email, subscriptions, and social accounts

Scroll a little further down the page and you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Add a tag line for your blog (visible on every page)
  • Complete “About Me” section
  • List your camera gear
  • Add your website and other social media accounts

None of these fields are compulsory but your audience will appreciate it if they can learn more about you. All these info will be listed on your “About Page” and helps in building connections in the platform.

A screenshot of profile settings page showing blog's about and tag line text input fields

  • Adding a Profile Picture

Next, proceed to ‘Profile Pictures’ tab, where you can upload a profile picture and a cover photo for your blog. We would strongly suggest you take a few moments to do this, as readers like to see a photo of the person whose blog they’re reading.

A head and shoulders shot will probably look most effective. You can also zoom in to adjust the photo.

A screenshot of the profile picture settings page where you can upload your blog's avatar

  • Adding a Cover Photo

The cover photo is prominently displayed at the top of your blog. Use it to showcase a photo that you are most proud or to make a statement about your blog. We recommend uploading a cover photo that is at least 2048 x 535 pixels. You can zoom in and out to adjust how it looks.

Profile picture settings page showing the cover photo upload area.

  • Adjust Notification Frequency

Moving along to Notifications Page, you can make choices here about how much emails and notifications you receive about likes and comments on your photos. Your choices here are very personal. You can opt to receive email notifications instantly, weekly or not at all.

A screenshot of the notification settings page. Manage your blog notification frequency using this page

Tip: We strongly recommend though you leave the bottom option, Allow Commenting on your blog, checked. This is a great way to build an audience and connect with others.

  • Protect Your Images With a Watermark

This option allows you to setup a watermark for all your photos by default. Once setup, you do not need to worry about it again, all your photos will be watermarked before they are published in your blog.

Blog's watermark settings page screenshot

  • Add Menus to Your Blog

This is another optional section, although one We would recommend using. Over time it’s helpful to set up a selection of categories to organize your posts.

A screenshot of the blog's menu management page

These categories will then be used as your blog’s menus, under which you can file your posts.

A screenshot of a photo blog showing custom menus

  • Posts, Drafts, and Scheduled Posts

Manage Posts page list all your posts and gives a breakdown of published date, status, the number of views, and the number of comments it’s received.

A screenshot of the post manage page where you can see views, comments, and post status

  • Manage Your Comments

After you’ve received some comments, they’ll appear here as a list. You can then click through to the comments and reply to them if you wish.

Screenshot of the comments manage page where you can manage your blog's comments

  • Check Your Stats

Initially, the Settings Page will appear as a blank graph. It’s worth popping back to your stats page after a few posts to see a graphic view of the traffic to your blog.

A screenshot of the stats page of a blog showing views, comments, and likes.

  • Billing Information

If you choose to upgrade to a PRO plan, Billing Page is where you have control over your account and your payment method.

Screenshot of the billing page where you can upgrade your blog

You’re ready to go!

There you go – your blog is now set up and you’re ready to upload your photos and create stories. Congratulations!

We’ve written another how-to article about How to Upload Photos using PhotoBlog Editor. Using our Editor is just as easy as setting your blog up so what are you waiting for?! We look forward to seeing you on PhotoBlog. Do share a link to your new blog in the comments below so we can all pop by and say hello!

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