How To Create And Install Adobe Lightroom Presets

Making and Saving Custom Lightroom Presets

Now that you’ve had a look at what everyone else is doing with theirs, how about we make a preset of our own! The process is really simple and can be really useful when you have a whole album of personal photographs that may require similar attention. In my example I have chosen a black and white preset, looking to create a moody and mysterious feeling to my photo. Here’s how…

1. Edit As Normal

Make the desired adjustments on the manipulation panel on the right-hand side. E.g. black and white, contrast, clarity, adjust exposure, and so on. If you need a little help editing your landscapes, check out these great Lightroom tutorials. It’s a step-by-step post-processing workflow that makes your photos look natural and striking. choosing adjustments for new lightroom preset

2. Name Your Preset

Go to the Presets section on the left panel and click the “+” button. Give your preset an appropriate name. In this case, I chose the name ‘Black and Moody.’ If you choose, you can create an additional more specific folder for your personal presets or, alternatively, just let your presets fall into the existing Lightroom user presets folder. making custom lightroom preset button

3. Create Your Custom Lightroom Preset

Locate the tickable list of all the elements Lightroom is going to save within your new preset. It will appear in a popup window like you see in the image below. Check all of your chosen adjustments. Make sure each is included and no rouge ones have appeared. Take note, if the photo has been previously edited, this unwanted change may be included in the preset. After you are satisfied with all the elements you want to include are present… click the Create button. lightroom editing

4. Using Your New Lightroom Preset

Locate your new preset within the preset panel. You’re now capable of creating presets at free will, allowing the fast editing and time saving function into your workflow. Happy presetting! ligtroom workflow

Give Attention To Each Photo

It’s important to remember presets will change everything in the photo whether for good or for bad. It’s often the case exposure can become too low or high with an additional preset. The preset, after all,  has no way to measure original exposure levels. Since each of your photos may have different exposure levels, presets may work better on some images than with others. I’d advise giving each image a check to make sure nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. The great thing about presets is you can still make adjustments once the preset has been applied. That makes it easy to fine tune everything to your exact specifications. Be sure to share your presets with your friends! Enjoy! Our Lightroom Resources pinterst-how-to-install-lightroom


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