Interview with landscape photographer William Patino

William Patino is a landscape photographer based in New Zealand.

William Patino

Tell Us About Your Background

Originally from Wollongong Australia, I’m a husband, father of two plus a full-time landscape photographer. At the end of 2017, I relocated to Te Anau in the South Island of New Zealand. Photography came into my life in 2012 totally transforming my outlook on life and most importantly my appreciation for the outdoors. I’m completely self-taught.  At the end of 2014, I quit my job as an Air Conditioning technician to be a professional photographer. In addition, my main business is running photography tours which I do in New Zealand and around the world.


What Makes a Good Landscape Photo?

The composition is everything. For example, if the light and subject are perfect but the composition isn’t then the photo will not be effective. A good composition will transition the eye through the entire scene.  This can often be done through different techniques. To clarify, this can be done by utilizing darker foregrounds which leads to a brighter background, filling in corners with points of interest or utilizing leading lines.


How Do You Find Your Locations for Your Images?

These days I prefer to explore new areas which can prove tricky in terms of planning, however, this adds to the fun and excitement. In short, I like to use topographic maps, satellite imagery and even planes/helicopters. I’ve been capturing a few aerials lately which always provides new and exciting opportunities.


Do You Have Any Trips Planned for the Year?

Most of my trips are based on my workshops. I’ll be heading to Patagonia (Argentina), Iceland, Australia and various trips around New Zealand. All of these countries offer fantastic photography opportunities.

Reasons for these countries:

  • Australia: The coasts of NSW with their rugged seascapes.
  • Iceland: Unique landscapes with the northern lights.
  • Patagonia: The mountains and beech forests are photogenic especially during autumn.
  • New Zealand: Firstly, my favorite place in the world. Secondly, we have everything from forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers, fiords, mountains and seascapes.

What Is Your Go-To Gear for Landscape Photography? 

I carry a Sony a7riii with a 16-35mm lens in my F-stop Ajna bag.


How Do You Go About Editing Your Images?

I shoot in RAW so ‘editing’ my images is necessary, similar to if a film was used and developed. I use Adobe Bridge for viewing images and Adobe Photoshop for editing. My editing process is all self-taught and is similar to how a painter would layer up a piece. I use a lot of ‘local adjustments’ using brushes to adjust tones, details, and colors.

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Who Has Influenced Your Journey?

Marc Adamus has always been an inspiration and in addition now my friend. We have shared some fond memories during our time in the field. Inspiration can also be found in the work of the romanticists, for instance, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole and J.M.W. Turner. However, my main source of inspiration has always been the humbling forces of nature.


Do You Have Any Upcoming Workshops?

I always have workshops on offer.  I offer workshops in New Zealand, Iceland, Australia and Patagonia.


What Do You Enjoy Doing in Your Free Time? 

I enjoy being with my wife and children around the home or having a picnic somewhere in nature. The simple things really.


Any Advice to Other Landscape Photographers?

Don’t get too caught up in social media. Just get outside. Enjoy the creative and learning process without constantly comparing yourself to others.

If you would like to follow William’s work, check out this website and Instagram.


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