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51 Best FREE Lightroom Tutorials to Enhance Your Photos in 2020

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool for photographers that can help you edit and organize your photos. In this list, we have put together 51 fantastic Lightroom tutorials–useful for both beginners and advanced LR users.

Tutorials are categorized into the following sections:

These tutorials will teach you, step-by-step, on how to create amazing images with Lightroom.

Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners

Are you new to Lightroom? In this section, you’ll find the best tutorials on how to improve your photos, export photos to Instagram, and use the tone curve.

1. Importing Your Photos into Lightroom

A quick video tutorial on how to import photos into Lightroom. The right way.

2. Culling Your Images

Culling is the process of selecting the best image out of a bunch of images. Lightroom has many ways of doing that. Here’s how.

3. How to Install Lightroom Presets

In just a few minutes you’ll get to know how to install Lightroom presets.

Looking for step-by-step instructions? Then we’ve got a post on how to install Lightroom presets!

4. Lightroom Tutorial on How to Export Your Images

Once you finished your editing in Lightroom, it’s time to export your photos. Here is a fast lesson on how to export photos from Lightroom.

5. Lightroom Tutorials on How to Export Photos to Instagram

Instagram has an aggressive compression algorithm which reduces image quality so learn how to bypass that with this video.

6. Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners – Overview of EVERYTHING in 15 Mins

This is an overview of how Lightroom works in just 15 minutes. So it’s the perfect video for beginners.

7. How to Edit Photos like a PRO | Lightroom Tutorial

Take your Lightroom editing to a whole new level with this simple video tutorial.

8. Using before and after in Lightroom

Learn how to compare your photos with the before & after feature in Lightroom.


In this video, Jessica Kobeissi compares Lightroom vs. Photoshop. So if you are still debating whether to use LR or PS, this is the video for you.

10. Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Here is a useful video with loads of tips and tricks that you wish you knew before starting to use Lightroom.

11. Lightroom Tutorial on How to Use The Tone Curve

Learn how to use the tone curve in Lightroom and get amazing results.

12. Lightroom Tutorials on How to Really Use the Gradient Filter

Learn how to use the Gradient filter in Adobe Lightroom and enhance your images.

13. Work with Sky in Adobe Lightroom

A lot of photographers struggle with cpaturing beautiful skies due to tricky lighting. So, here’s a detailed video that will explain how to edit skies in Lightroom.

14. Auto Mask Lightroom Tutorial – How to Mask Anything FAST

Auto masking in Lightroom will change your editing workflow once and for all.

Lightroom Tutorials for Portraits

Here are the best portrait tutorials for Lightroom that we found on Youtube. You will learn how to retouch images, get a cool cinematic look, and edit portraits like a pro.

15. Five Lightroom Tips for Editing Portraits

Here are 5 Lightroom tips to enhance your portraits. Most importantly, it covers must-know basics like white balance, exposure, saturation, and more.

16. Portrait Color Grading and Retouching in Lightroom

Color grading can dramatically improve your portraits. Here’s how to do that.

17. Lightroom Tutorial Portrait Film Cinematic Look

Get an amazing cinematic look in your portraits. Also, the video includes a free preset!

18. How to Edit like Gerard Moral: Instagram Lightroom Editing Tutorial

This video tutorial teaches you how to edit your portraits like Gerard Moral. In other words, give your portraits a moody, faded look.

19. Edit Neon Portraits in Adobe Lightroom

Learn how to create bright, neon portraits. In other words, turn your dark, dull night photos into something really cool. Created by talented Corey Saldana.

20. Portrait Retouching in Lightroom

You can use Lightroom to do portrait retouching too! Here’s how.

21. Lightroom 2018 Black and White Portrait Editing

A step-by-step Lightroom tutorial on how to edit black and white portraits.

22. Lightroom Editing Tutorial Low Light Moody Portraits

Learn how to turn your under-exposed portraits into a work of art with this tutorial.

23. How to Better Smooth Skin with Texture in Lightroom

Learn how to smooth skin while retaining the details of your portraits.

24. How to Edit Indoor Portraits Lightroom Tutorial

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Lightroom Tutorials for Landscape Photography

Scroll down to see the best landscape tutorials for Lightroom that allow you to enhance your nature photography dramatically.

25. Easy MilkyWay Processing for Beginners in Lightroom

Learn how to give your Milkyway photos that extra boost with this tutorial.

26. How to Edit Landscapes like @Aronsche Instagram Lightroom Editing Tutorial

Learn how to edit landscape images with warm green tones. In other words, give your photos a look like that of @aronsche.

27. How to Create Stunning Sunset Photos

Create fantastic sunset photography in Lightroom using this quick video tutorial by Serge Ramelli.

28. How to Edit Amazing Landscape Photos with Adobe Lightroom

Get your landscape and nature shots to a new level with this video guide created by Peter McKinnon.

29. Take Your Landscape Photography to the Next Level in Minutes

This video will take only 9 minutes of your time to dramatically enhance your images. Most important, it shows you how to use graduated filters in post-processing!

30. Six Lightroom Tips to Create MOODY LANDSCAPE PHOTOS

Edit landscape photos to get that moody look because it adds a sense of mystery to your scene.

Lightroom Mobile Tutorials

Learn how to edit images right on your mobile with the Lightroom app. It has a similar set of settings and an easy-to-use interface.

31. How to Edit MOODY BROWN – Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

Are you after cool, moody photo with a golden light? Then this video is for you.


33. How to Edit Portraits Photo||Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

Get a professional, modern look for your mobile portraits using the Lightroom app.

34. How to Edit Teal Aqua & Soft Orange Tone – Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

Here is a tutorial that will show you how to make orange and soft aqua tones to your pictures.

35. How I Edit My Instagram Photos – Lightroom Tutorial

In this Youtube tutorial, Megan Smith shows how she edits her images for Instagram. So, if you are looking for a similar style, watch this.

36. How To: Edit Photos on Your Phone with Lightroom

Get a look similar to VSCO app but much more advanced controls with Lightroom mobile app.

37. Black Moody Cinematic Effect Lightroom Mobile Editing

Probably you are after that trendy, moody cinematic look. Here’s how to achieve that in just 4 minutes!

38. How to Edit Peach Tone in Lightroom Mobile

Perhaps you want a beautiful peach tone in your images which is perfect for summer. Learn how to do just that.

39. Tutorial – Dual Tone Effect | Adobe Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

This video will walk you through the process of adding a fantastic duotone effect on your photography. High contrast colors, for instance, Red and blue work the best for such kind of photo editing.

40. How to Edit MOODY GREEN | Lightroom Mobile Tutorial

Learn how to achieve amazing moody, green photo effect with this tutorial. For instance, this looks work best for portraits taken in a landscape or nature background.

41. How to Edit Bright Modern Portrait

Perhaps you are after a modern bright look for your portraits, then this is the tutorial to watch.

Advanced Lightroom Tutorials

Do you know Lightroom basics? Then watch these tutorials to take your post-processing skills to the next level!

42. How to Edit Like BRANDON WOELFEL

Brandon Woelfel is a well-known photographer because of his amazing night photography with cotton-candy colors. So, here is a quick tutorial which will help you mimic his editing style in Lightroom.

43. Lightroom 6 Tutorial – How to Create Signature Watermark in Lightroom CC

Adding a watermark is your best bet for protecting your images. Sn this tutorial let’s learn how to create a signature watermark in Lightroom.

44. How I Sharpen & Reduce Noise in Lightroom

Perhaps you wonder how professionals take crisp sharp images. Then you are in luck because this tutorial shows you the process sharpening and reducing noise in your image

45. How to Make an HDR Image in 2 Minutes

On this video, Peter McKinnon will teach how to create an HDR photo effect for your image in just 2 minutes.

46. How to Add Blur to Photos in Lightroom

Use Lightroom to blur your background so you can make them look like you took it with an f/1.2 .

47. Dramatically Shape the Light and Mood Using Adjustment Brushes in Lightroom

So you want those dramatic lights and modes in your photos? Then this video tutorial will teach you how to use brushes in Lightroom to enhance your images

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48. Advanced Lightroom Tips for Professionals

Are you a professional photographer with some LR experience already? Then you should watch these top ten Lightroom tips for advanced users.

49. MASTER Split Toning in Adobe Lightroom

Learn how to use split toning in Lightroom. Adjust hue, saturation, highlights, and shadows to get stunning images.

50. How to Use Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom CC

Remove spots and unnecessary objects from your images using Lightroom because you should always tidy up!

51. Custom Light Leaks and Sun Flares Lightroom Tutorial

Learn how to create light leak and sun flares in Lightroom because they can give your portraits a pop

Lightroom Resources

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