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15 Best Travel Blogs That Will Get You The Travel Bug

Are you looking for some travel inspiration?

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Because we’ve gathered the best, most follow-worthy travel blogs out there! They’ll make you want to go on a trip or two (or three, or four).

Sound good?

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1. National Geographic Traveller

A screenshot of the National Geographic's "Traveller" travel blog
National Geographic Traveller

Here’s the number one travel blog out there:

The National Geographic Traveller.

National Geographic Traveller is the standard-bearer of all travel publications out there. It sets the bar for travel blogs–both in terms of quality of travel writing and in terms of photography.

On the National Geographic Traveller website, you can read in-depth and informative travel guides about various destinations around the world. You’ll also find informative columns.

Visit Travel Blog: National Geographic Traveller

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2. NOMADasaurus

NOMADasaurus Travel Blog

One of the most popular adventure travel blogs on the internet, NOMADasaurus specializes in sustainable tourism, overland journeys, travel photography, and off-the-beaten-track destinations.

It’s run by award-winning Australian bloggers Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford, who started their blog in 2013 to document their overland travels from Asia to Africa.

They’ve been literally all over the world, from South America and Antarctica to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. In 2014, Jarryd won the World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship.

This travel blog is one you don’t want to miss.

Visit Travel Blog: NOMADasaurus

3. Brendan’s Adventures

Brendan's Adventures Travel Photography Blogs Screenshot
Brendan’s Adventures

Canadian travel photographer, Brendan Van Son has been traveling the world for nine years and has visited more than 100 countries. He’s a well-known YouTuber with a popular travel photography channel–one that offers a window into the daily life of a professional travel photographer.

Van Son also works on an amazing blog, called Brendan’s Adventures. And it’s full of stories, tips, and more!

Visit Travel Blog: Brendan’s Adventures

4. The Blonde Abroad

a screenshot of The Blonde Abroad. Which was named one of the most influential travel blogs by Forbes
The Blonde Abroad. A travel photography blog run by
Kiersten Rich. She was named one of the Top Travel Influencer by Forbes

If you’re interested in a more unusual blog, look no further. The Blonde Abroad is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blog run by Kiersten Rich, one of the leading entrepreneurs in the blogosphere. Filled with wonderful photos, travel information, fashion, and packing tips, this blog focuses mainly on female travelers.

In 2017, Kiersten was named the number two Top Travel Influencer by Forbes and has been featured in Vogue, Travel + Leisure and the New York Times.

Visit Kiersten’s Travel Blog: The Blonde Abroad

5. Green Global Travel

A screenshot of the Green Global Travel. One of the few travel blogs that focus on eco-tourism and sustainable travel
Are you into eco-tourism and sustainable travel? Then checkout the Green Global Travel

Run by Brett Love and Mary Gabbett, Green Global Travel is an award-winning eco-tourism blog. Its mission is to promote sustainable travel, nature conservation and the protection of indigenous cultures.

On this highly visual website, you’ll find everything:

Overviews of national parks to adventurous activities like glacier climbing and swimming with penguins, to interviews with world-famous conservationists such as Jane Goodall, Erin Brockovich, and Jean-Michel Cousteau.

The list of media outlets where Green Global Travel has been mentioned is long. It includes NPR, Today, the Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, the BBC, the WWF, and National Geographic.

Visit Travel Blog: Green Global Travel

6. Uncornered Market

A screenshot of the Uncornered Market travel blog which has won many awards for sustainable travel.
Husband and wife travel blog Uncornered Market. They’ve been globe trotting since 2006!

The established husband-and-wife storytelling team behind Uncornered Market, Daniel Noll, and Audrey Scott are often regarded as some of the best travel bloggers out there. They’ve been blogging since 2006 and are still going strong, now also working as tourism and marketing consultants, as well as public speakers.

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Their goal is to humanize the places they visit with in-depth stories and quality photos. Uncornered Market has won several awards, including the one for Best Responsible Tourism Blog at the 2015 World Tourism Awards in London.

Visit Travel Blog: Uncornered Market

7. Along Dusty Roads

Along Dusty Roads Travel Blog screenshot
Along Dusty Roads, a blog full of photographic journals that are full of gorgeous images and wonderfully written words.

As far as beautiful photography on travel blogs goes, Along Dusty Roads is among the cream of the crop. The posts, narratives, destination guides, and photographic journals created by Andrew and Emily are truly gorgeous, wonderfully written, and chock-full with spectacular images.

Andrew and Emily lived in South America for two and a half years, so you’ll find tons of information about that particular continent on their website. Other highlighted destinations are Mexico, Indonesia, Morocco, and various European countries.

Visit Travel Blog: Along Dusty Roads

8. Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler
Condé Nast Traveler pride itself on it’s literary journalism

As one of the largest travel publications in the world, Condé Nast Traveler continues to publish high-quality content. Unlike many other travel blogs mentioned in this list, they focus on lifestyle and luxury travel.

Founded in 1987, the magazine prides itself on its literary journalism and news reports. Their motto is “Truth in Travel,” meaning that they do not accept any freebies in exchange for features.

Visit Travel Blog: Condé Nast Traveler

9. Expert Vagabond

a screenshot of Expert Vagabond one o the most popular travel blogs on the internet today. Run by Matthew Karsten
Expert Vagabond Travel Blog

Matthew Karsten is one of the world’s most famous adventure travel bloggers. He’s an established blogger and photographer, who’s traveled around the globe for almost a decade. On Expert Vagabond, you’ll find everything from inspiring travel videos and photo essays to budget travel tips and fascinating stories.

He’s been to some of the world’s most remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations, such as Kamchatka in Russia, the mountains of Afghanistan, and Greenland.

Visit Travel Blog: Expert Vagabond

10. Atlas & Boots

Atlas and Boots Screenshot
Atlas & Boots

From wildlife safaris in Africa to general travel tips and lighthearted advice lists, Atlas & Boots is a popular “outdoorsy-ish” travel blog. Founded by author Kia Abdullag and photographer Peter Watson, this blog publishes a new post twice a week—a destination feature in Wednesdays and tips, opinion pieces, and other more casual posts on Saturdays.

Atlas & Boots are brand ambassadors for Lonely Planet and have been interviewed by London Live TV, the BBC, and National Geographic. Other features include Business Insider, Rough Guides, and the Guardian.

Visit Travel Blog: Atlas & Boots

11. The Planet D

The Planet D Adventure Travel Blogs Screenshot
The Planet D travel blog is a great read if you are looking to travel cheap while on a budget

Living by the motto “Adventure is for Everyone,” Dave and Deb are an adventurous couple with a mission to inspire people to push their limits and step outside their comfort zones. Through fantastic photography and fun write-ups, they show they you don’t need to be super-rich or a trained athlete to live a life filled with adventure.

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Their awards are numerous, including back-to-back gold medals for Best Travel Blog from the American Travel Journalists Association and the Society of American Travel Writers, as well as photography prizes. They’ve also been featured by Lonely Planet, Martha Stewart Weddings, Yahoo Travel, the Huffington Post, and the BBC.

Visit Travel Blog: The Planet D

12. Outside Online

Outside Online Screenshot
Outside Online

Its first issue published in 1977, Outside is the flagship of U.S. outdoor magazines. Now they also have their own online magazine, known appropriately as Outside Online. They post new stories every day, on topics ranging from outdoor equipment like bicycles and climbing gear to photo essays, outdoor guides, and even nutrition.

Visit Travel Blog: Outside Online

13. Our Wild Abandon

Our Wild Abandon
Our Wild Abandon

If a beautiful design is something you’re looking for in travel blogs, you’ll certainly fall in love with Our Wild Abandon. This is the blog of best friends Kyla and Jill, who are both photographers. They’ve spent the past half a decade traveling around in a vintage trailer. On their blog, you’ll find loads of stunning travel photos and well-written narratives.

What’s so great about this particular travel blog is the fact that there are no distractions like ads and calls to action. There’s not even a sidebar along the posts! This makes the photos stand out even more. Their client list includes Google, Samsung, Nature Valley, T-Mobile, and various tourist boards.

Visit Travel Blog: Our Wild Abandon

14. Finding the Universe

Finding the Universe Travel Blog Screenshot
Finding the Universe

Having been one of the world’s most popular travel blogs for many years, Finding the Universe definitely deserves its spot in this list. The individuals behind this blog are Laurence and Jessica Norah, travelers, writers, and photographers. It’s unquestionably one of the best travel photography blogs out there, filled to the brim with amazing photos.

Finding the Universe has been featured by Facebook, USA Today, National Geographic, CNN, and Buzzfeed.

Visit Travel Blog: Finding the Universe

15. Sidetracked Magazine

Sidetracked Magazine Screenshot
Sidetracked Magazine

Both a printed and online magazine, Sidetracked Magazine publishes a limited number of personal stories about expeditions, adventurous trips, and general outdoor activities. They’re passionate about telling the tales of those who “set aside fear and doubt in order to experience the breathtaking, the awe-inspiring, and the magical.”

Sidetracked Magazine is a thrice-yearly magazine, published in June, October, and February. On their website, you’ll also find epic stories, photo essays, and travel guides in the “Field Journal” section. The travel photography is sensational.

Visit Travel Blog: Sidetracked Magazine

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