How to Easily Upload Photos and Create a Photo Story With PhotoBlog

In this post, we will guide you on how to create your first post to share your photos with the rest of the world. PhotoBlog makes it really easy to upload photos and create sleek and inviting posts, all you need is an account from to get started.

Creating Your First Post

Head over to and log into your new account. Now click on the +Post button at the top of the screen and it’ll whizz you over to the really exciting stuff – the place where you’ll upload photos and create your first post!

Let’s start at the top of the page and work our way through the process of creating your photo story….

Uploading photos and creating photos stories via PhotoBlog editor
A screenshot of editor page
  • The title of your post –  Try to think of something interesting that will spark people’s curiosity. This will encourage viewers to click on your blog post and take a look. Titles that invite readers to engage with you often do well.
  • Uploading your photos – To add photos, click on the red camera icon on the left or simply drag and drop your photos to the editor type area.

upload photo icon of the editor

Tip:  Once you add multiple photos, you can always drag and change their position within the Photoblog editor.

Photo Caption and Display Format

Once a photo is uploaded, you can click on it to open the Image Toolbar. This toolbar offers you four options: Normal, Full, Cover and Remove.

Upload photos and click on them to change their display format or add a caltion
Photo toolbar and cation field

Normal – This is the default setting and if you’re happy with the way your pictures look you don’t need to do anything else.

Full – Choosing this will expand your photo across the full width of the page. This is best used for landscape format images but they need to be at least 2048 pixels wide for this option to work. I wouldn’t advise using this for all your photos in a single post but it can add that wow factor for your best shots. Here’s an example of how I use the fullscreen option.

Cover This option selects the photo as the cover photo of your post. This photo will then be used to represent your post throughout the PhotoBlog platform. Try to pick a picture that will grab the viewer’s attention when viewed as a small thumbnail image.

Remove This option does exactly what it says – it deletes that particular photo from the editor!

Adding captions – Now you’ve got your photos in the editor why not add a caption to tell viewers more about them? There’s a box under each photo – just click on the word caption and type in your text. Captions don’t need to be long and complicated – just a brief sentence to give a little information.

Write a Story (If You Want)

You may want your photos to speak for themselves but here are 3 good reasons to add some texts to your posts.

  1. Tell stories: PhotoBlog is a storytelling platform as much as it is a photography platform. Whether you are learning photography or documenting your trip across Asia, having words alongside photos help with the narrative of your story
  2. Audience: Words also help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google are better at understanding words than photos. So having words let them understand your post better and match it with new audiences.
  3. Your thoughts matter: Sometimes it’s easier to explain something with words as well as pictures. For example, words can help you describe your thought process in composing a particular image or sharing how you explored a new place.

Tip: If you’ve loaded several photos at once they’ll all appear close together. To open up a space for text between them, just click on the caption box and press ENTER key.

Styling Your Text

So you’ve added some text to your new post – how about if you want to format it so it doesn’t all look the same? No problem – that’s easy too!

Simply highlight any text using your mouse to open the text toolbar. A lot of these icons will be familiar to anyone who uses a word processing package to write documents but let’s go through them from left to right…

Photoblog editor's text toolbar is designed to de-clutter the storytelling experience
Select any text to open the text toolbar
  • Large A – Clicking this will make your chosen text larger and bolder – handy for section headings. Tip: Introducing headers will greatly improve the readability of your story.
  • Smaller A – This will turn your text into a sub-header. This is great for further dividing your long paragraphs.
  • Quotation Mark – Format your text to indicate you’re quoting from something or someone else.
  • Bold and Italics – These symbols allow you to change your text into bold or italic fonts so you can emphasize an idea.
  • Hyper Link Icon – This icon allows you to turn your text into a hyperlink by inserting a URL.
  • Ordered/Unordered List – These final two symbols allow you to create lists, either with bullet points or numbered.

Publishing Your Work

When you hit the publish button at the top right side, the dropdown gives you the option to add tags, choose a category, schedule, or publish.

A screenshot of photo/story publisher on
Post publisher


Tags: Tags are optional but I would strongly suggest adding a few to boost post exposure. Use a few single words which describe your post. For instance, for a portrait photo, you might choose portrait, people, person, and face. These will help others find your post among the thousands of others on Photoblog if they are searching for a particular subject.

Choose a Category: Optionally, you can post your story under a category. You can either create categories in the account settings page or in the editor page itself. Your categories show up in your blog as menu items and list all the stories you have filed under them.

Schedule (Pro): You can schedule a post to a future or a past (useful for 365 projects if you didn’t manage to post) date.

Save As Draft: If you want more time to complete your post or need to save your work, you can save it as a draft with this option.

Publish: This will immediately publish your post


Once your post is published, you will be presented with a confirmation pop-up offering you three choices. These are to visit your new post, edit, or share it on social media. Sharing posts to social media will bring your posts to more people’s attention and you can start building an audience for your blog straight away!

Let’s Start!

Let’s create a beautiful post with your photos and shared it with the world. Go to our Editor Page to get started.

Once you are done, tell us about your first post in the comments below – we’d love to see them!

Remember, starting is the most important part of any creative process.

About the author

Helen Hooker

Helen Hooker is a musician and photographer based in the UK. Helen has been photoblogging every single day since November 2008 and has a particular passion for architectural and wildlife photography.

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