Weekly Theme – Composition Rules

Weekly Theme: Composition Rules

Deadline: April 17th to April 24th, 2017

How to submit: Create a post on PhotoBlog.com and add the tag 2017theme16

Learn and Participate:

When I was first starting out in my photography journey I was blissfully unaware of the impact composition could have on my images. I didn’t have any training in photography composition rules. Looking back, the majority of my photos at the time were center composed and lacking in creativity.

Fortunately, I had a wonderful mentor who taught me the rules of composition; how to use them and how to break them. Now I notice these rules everywhere–in photographs, film, art, architecture, and nature.

Take a look at some of the rules of composition and challenge yourself to try something new, or maybe even break a few rules to see what amazing new images you can create. For this week’s theme, let’s pick few composition rules to follow (or break). If you would like, you can mention the name of the rule in your captions.

Rule of Thirds grid lines – Photo by Paisley Layne Photography

Previous weekly theme winners

Throughout the week there were amazing long exposure photography posts on PhotoBlog. Congratulations to following members for their winning entries in last week’s theme!

  1. Berckmans Peter for Detail

  2. Derk Steenblik for Textures

  3. Ivan for Day 102: Details At Mangonui, NZ

There were many great submissions, you can check them all here. Be sure to follow them to be inspired by their amazing work. Here is a photo a photo from Berckman’s entry.

Photographing details by Berckmans Peter

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