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If you are a passionate photographer, then you also care about how you present your photography to the world. In this article, we present 30 WordPress photography themes that are stunningly beautiful.

Best Free WordPress Photography Templates

Most free photography themes don’t provide a lot of customization and lack the elegant design that you get when you pay for photography template. These fifteen free WordPress photography themes are different. With modern design, beautiful typography, and optimized admin control, these templates will elevate your collection of stunning photos.

1. Infinite Photography

A screenshot of the "Infinite" wordpress photography theme

Infinite Photography is the perfect theme to get your photo blog started. The sidebar can work in the right, left, or full-width, and color customization is single-click.

Get Infinite Photography Theme

2. Pinnacle

A screenshot of the "Pinnacle" wordpress photography theme

Pinnacle’s transparent header, numerous blog styles, typography options, and portfolio grids put an emphasis on style. It works great with WooCommerce and is a great option if you’re trying to create an online store.

Get Pinnacle Photography Theme

3. Pixgraphy

A screenshot of the "Pixagraphy" wordpress photography theme

Pixgraphy is compatible with popular plug-ins and translation ready, with the built-in Customizer giving you control of your site’s look.

Get Pixgraphy Photography Theme

4. Rokophoto Lite

A screenshot of the "Rokophoto Lite" wordpress photography theme

This free version of Rokophoto works with Woocommerce, page builders, and your SEO needs while also allowing for customization and is retina and translation ready.

Get Rokophoto Photography Theme

5. Photo Perfect

A screenshot of the "Photo Perfect" wordpress photography theme

Photo Perfect’s Lightbox photo opener, elegant typography, and modern design give your images a clean edge. It provides a wide array of customization options and is translation ready.

Get Photo Perfect Photography Theme

6. Gallery

A screenshot of the "Gallery" wordpress photography theme. Perfect for creating photo gallery site

Gallery is simple and easy to use and provides the control you need to make your site unique. It works with many browsers and is mobile-friendly.

Get Gallery Photography Theme

7. Charmed

A screenshot of the "Charmed" wordpress photography theme. A perfectly clean gallery look for your photos

Making use of white space to highlight colorful content, Charmed is for creatives. It automatically resizes thumbnails, supports Google Maps and Adsense, and lets you incorporate a chat box.

Get Charmed Photography Theme

8. Yuuta

A screenshot of the "Yuuta" wordpress photography theme with a big cover photo at the front

Yuuta is a template with a clean design that highlights the quality of your photos and supports all post formats. The author, Felix Donor, intended the template to work as a “visual diary.”

Get Yuuta Photography Theme

9. Fukasawa

A screenshot of the "Fukasawa" wordpress photography theme

Fukasawa is a simple, retina and translation ready photography theme that supports post formats, custom widgets, and mobile browsing.

Get Fukasawa Photography Theme

10. Ignis

Ignis offers a custom homepage template, blog layout options, and color and type customization, but you must have Jetpack installed in order to use this theme.

Get Ignis Photography Theme

11. Silvia

A screenshot of the "Silvia" wordpress photography theme with a minimalist look

The Silvia design takes a step back and lets your photos take center stage. It features varied layout options and a customization panel that gives you control over the look and feel of your site. If you want viewers to admire your photos in a distraction-free environment, this is the theme for you.

Get Silvia Photography Theme

12. Hamilton

A screenshot of the "Hamilton" wordpress photography theme with a clean look

Hamilton photography theme uses a sleek design and balanced typography to make your images the star of the show. It uses the Jetpack Infinite Scroll Module and will look just as beautiful on any device.

Get Hamilton Photography Theme

13. Shapely

A screenshot of the highly customizable "Shapely" wordpress photography theme

If customization is your biggest priority, Shapely is a great free theme. It supports most of WordPress’s major plugins and comes with several widgets that will help you make your homepage unique.

Get Shapely Photography Theme

14. Illdy

A screenshot of the highly customizable "illdy" wordpress photography theme

illdy theme is technically multipurpose but it’s a great option for your photography site. It is a flexible theme that works with the essential WordPress plugins and incorporates smooth transitions and animations.

Get Illdy Photography Theme

15. Hitchcock

A screenshot of the beautiful "hitchcock" wordpress photography theme with a large background photo

Hitchcock uses a minimalist design with a three-column grid system that allows users to instantly get a feel for your photos without distractions. This free photography theme lets you display your high-quality images with a personal touch.

Get Hitchcock Photography Theme

Best Paid WordPress Photography Templates

Finding the perfect theme to showcase your work can be an overwhelming task. There are so many great options out there, how can you pick just one? These fifteen paid themes give you a little more polished designs than you might get with the free options.

16. Ascend

Ascend is a premium WordPress theme that can be used for many creative purposes. Whether you are looking for a portfolio, gallery, blog, or a full-fledged website, Ascend has it all. You can see several demo uses of this theme on their link.

Get Ascend Photography Theme

17. Kalium

Kalium is one of the most versatile WordPress photography themes on the market. It’s perfect for professional photographers looking to add an extra creative edge to their work and comes with pre-made demos, thousands of fonts, and other customization options.

Get Pinnacle Kalium Theme

18. TheGem

A screenshot of the highly customizable "The Gem" wordpress photography theme

TheGem is a hyper-customizable theme that will match any graphical and branding specification you throw at it. With endless widgets, plugins, and templates, you can create a polished site that’s optimized for commercialization.

Get TheGem Photography Theme

19. Photosy

A screenshot of the gallery themed "Photosy" wordpress photography theme

Photosy is a customizable photography template equipped with stunning type options, minimalist design, and capabilities that allow you to craft your photo blog or portfolio to work just as well on mobile devices.

Get Photosy Photography Theme

20. Expo

A screenshot of the "Expo" wordpress photography theme especially created for creatives like photographers

Expo works with Sell Media plugins so that you can be as good of a business-person as you are a photographer. It includes a variety of other widgets, unlimited galleries, and other customization options.

Get Expo Photography Theme

21. Bild

A screenshot of the beautiful "Bild" wordpress photography theme

Bild allows you to use either the Gallery or Portfolio Project, which lets you pick between adding words to your images or not. Additionally, it’s a bold theme that is responsive on any device and offers homepage, font, and color customization.

Get Bild Photography Theme

22. Photo Me

A screenshot of the stunning "Photo Me". One of our favorite wordpress photography themes with a large background on home page

Photo Me uses a one-page layout, provides menu and slider options, and is Woocommerce friendly. Because of its one-click demo install and built-in customization tools,is an easy-to-use photography theme.

Get Photo Me Photography Theme

23. Sirius

A screenshot of the clean and customizable "Sirius" wordpress photography theme

Not all WordPress photography themes give you a lot of control when it comes to designing your page, but Sirius uses an advanced theme admin panel and custom typography element that allows you to choose exactly how your WordPress page will look.

Get Sirius Photography Theme

24. Togrophy

A screenshot of the beautiful "Tography" wordpress photography theme

Togrophy is compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins like Woocommerce and Jetpack, exports information from your images, and is Retina ready. It is not only designed for professional photographers by professional photographers, and has a variety of customization options.

Get Togrophy Photography Theme

25. Foto

A screenshot of the beautiful "Foto" wordpress photography theme with multiple gallery styles

Foto offers unique ways to showcase your photos with over 30 different gallery types, 15 album options, and a concept album selection. Because it includes over 600 Google fonts to choose from, you can add some pop to the minimalist design.

Get Foto Photography Theme

26. Oshine

A screenshot of the beautiful "Oshine" wordpress photography theme

With 50 styling modules, unlimited gallery grid combinations, color, and type customization, and unique header and menu styles, Oshine can really make your work, well, shine.

Get Oshine Photography Theme

27. Borano

borano photography wordpress template

Not all WordPress photography themes offer the ability to showcase both your still and moving pictures, but Borano provides Youtube, Vimeo, and HTML5 support. It’s user-friendly, Retina-ready, and responsive on mobile devices. This theme is perfect if you do both photography and videography work.

Get Borano Photography Theme

28. Flat

A screenshot of the "Flat" wordpress photography theme

The Flat theme is great for a design agency looking to showcase their photos and other visual content. It offers menu, slider, and color options, giving you control over your site’s look.

Get Flat Photography Theme

29. Uncode


A screenshot of the multi purpose "Uncode" wordpress photography theme

Uncode is another multipurpose theme that works great for professional photographers and prioritizes the user experience. It allows you to embed any social plugin and providing more than 70 module variations.

Get Uncode Photography Theme

30. Toranj

A screenshot of the "Toranji" wordpress photography theme

Toranj creates a seamless grid that works for any blog style. Its award-winning quality gives you endless options to make your site the best it can possibly be.

Get Toranji Photography Theme

31. Moon

A screenshot of the "Moon" wordpress photography theme

Moon is a unique and easy-to-implement option for the most creative of photographers because its design promotes textures that add dimension to your site and allows for video or audio incorporating via Vimeo, YouTube, or Soundcloud.

Get Moon Photography Theme

Over to You

Which WordPress theme did you like the most? Please be sure to come back and share your photography site URL below and mention the theme you used.

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