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We’re always interested in collaborating with photographers and writers who have a unique viewpoint, experience, or technique they’d like to share with our ever growing community of photographers. If you’re a professional photographer, semi-pro, or serious amateur, we’d love to hear from you.

The Details

As we aim to provide only high-quality articles, all submissions should be original and not previously published elsewhere on the web. In some cases, we will allow original content posted on our blog to be published elsewhere on the internet, provided a link back to our blog is included in the post.

Articles should range between 650-2000 words and include 4-5 well composed and exposed photographs that support the topic being discussed in the post. We do not claim any rights to your photos, however, by including them in the post you are granting us the right to use them in the post indefinitely and share them on social media with the intention to promote your article. For this reason, we prefer all photos included in the post to be taken by the author.

Types Of Content We’re Looking For

We share a diverse selection of photography related articles on our official blog. Content can be geared towards any level of photographer ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals looking to improve their business. Here’s a list of some of the content we typically publish:

  • Step by step tutorials related to taking photos and/or post processing
  • Quick tips aimed at teaching a new technique quickly and efficiently
  • Guides on starting and running a successful photography business
  • Tips and tutorials related to publishing a successful photoblog
  • Opinion and controversial pieces
  • Video tutorials (we’re happy to help with video editing, if necessary)
  • Equipment reviews

Have a pitch for a topic not listed above? Feel free to run it by us. All inquiries should be sent to our editor via email: [email protected]

Or, Apply To Become A Regular Contributor

For paid photography & travel writing opportunities, please email our editor: [email protected]


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