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by Lee Cooper February. 02, 2021 265 views

While designing & developing Swoop Frames, I learned quite a few tips and tricks to frame and display any type of picture frame. Here are my top 3 tips to help display, preserve, and maintain your beloved photos and artwork.

Tip 1: Smartphone Level

Using a level app on a smartphone is a convenient way to hang your frames nice and straight. The RIDGID app (not sponsored) is my favorite app since it is free and has a very simple interface.

RIDGID smartphone leveling app

RIDGID smartphone leveling app

Tip 2: Mounting Corners

I'm not sponsored by Lineco, but their archival, polypropylene mounting corners are a nondestructive way to mount your photos or prints in a frame.

Lineco archival mounting corners

Lineco archival mounting corners

Tip 3: Clean Glazing

Maintaining the glass or plastic glazing in your picture frames can really enhance the look of your photos. Always use a lint free or microfiber cloth (never use paper towels as they can scratch and attract more dust on acrylic surfaces due to an increased static charge).

Use an ammonia free glass cleaner for glass glazing surfaces. Avoid ammonia based products as they can cause harm to frame finishes, matting, and artwork.

For acrylic glazings, use mild soap and water or Novus cleaning solutions.

Make sure to spray cleaning solutions onto a cloth rather than directly onto the glazing to prevent harming the frame’s finish, matting, and artwork underneath.

Always spray cleaner onto a cloth rather than onto the glazing surface (photo credit: Polina Zimmerman)

Always spray cleaner onto a cloth rather than onto the glazing surface (photo credit: Polina Zimmerman)

I hope these tips are helpful and thanks for reading :)

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Benny Law 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Helpful tips indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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