A Child is meant to Learn not to Earn.

by Leena Philip June. 16, 2017 1292 views

At an age to study, play and enjoy, I yet see kids doing work. Work meaning labour. Even after the government releasing laws they are not being followed.

Here is a boy named Sanjay. Very active and energetic twelve years old boy. Who stays near JC Road, Bangalore with his family. Both his parents are daily workers. As they can’t afford him to send to school. Sanjay hangs out with his friends on the area and sometimes work as a helper in creating grass bundles for cupboards. He earns Rs.100 a day in that job. He doesn’t have a fixed job at a place, he just works with anyone who offers him a work and money. He is very bright who does any given work very fast. He is always smiling and a little shy to talk to new people. He says he was born in Bangalore but his family hailed from Tamil Nadu long time back. He says he would love to join school if he gets an opportunity. That day he was working with two ladies named Dhanlakshmi and Jayalakshmi. When asked them about what do they think as Sanjay was still a child and its illegal for him to work, they say they've not forced him to do work and for them survival is more important than education. The root of child labour in India is poverty. For children like Sanjay attending school means starving. So he prefers working because it’s the question of his survival. This is one of the very big problems faced by India today. And it is important for everyone in this country to help children like Sanjay with government and NGOs to make a better future for them and all our country. Because “ Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens”.

- PC - Aditi Jain

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