Kids deserve to be happy and healthy

by Leena Philip June. 16, 2017 404 views

9-year old Santhosh working with his father.

9-year old Santhosh working with his father.

In India, millions of innocent children are forced into labor to earn money than living their childhood. Such was the case with the 9 year old Santhosh, who was pushed to earn money to fulfill his family needs.

Santhosh stays with his family in Bharathi Nagar, BTM. His father owns a puncture repair shop and he accompanies his father to work in order to learn. He has been doing this job since the past year.

Santhosh’s father says, “I wanted to make him study but I realized that family necessities were more important. And also, he is a helping hand to me, therefore I get him along to work.”

Child Labor is one of the biggest problems in India, and Santhosh is one such victim.

-PC- Abhilasha Dwivedi

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