Life is tough,but so are you.

by Leena Philip June. 16, 2017 430 views

Another upsetting yet true fact of life, is that no matter what happens we have to remain strong, keep those smiles on our faces because all that the world needs to see is that smile.

While wandering around the lanes of lalbagh main road, I happened to stumble upon this lady, Sugunda aged 65, who spoke to us about her family and her little too many family issues that they faced with smiles on their faces.

Survived by two sons, one of whom left the family soon after getting married, the younger son, Saytu aged 40 has now become the only working man in the family. He drives an auto to fill the families stomach, his wife Planima aged 36 is the one who looks after her in-laws who don’t keep very well.

With a monthly income of around Rs.7,000, the family still had smiles on their faces and yet again gave a lesson, Life is tough darling, but so are you.

PC- Aafreen Zafar

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