Show love and care, Child Labour is not fair.

by Leena Philip June. 16, 2017 354 views

Strolling down the roads of Kalasipalya, Bangalore and waiting for my bus back home at the bus stop I spotted a construction site. Nothing new in this developing country where every road surely has about two to three construction sites for sure. But are all those working there adults or are there any children as well is the question. As there was yet plenty of time left for my bus to arrive I thought of exploring the place. And as I went across my eyes instantly was caught at the site of this one young girl who was washing dishes sitting beside a last who looked for sure like her mom. Another question that popped in my mind was what was the young girl doing there, wasn’t she supposed to be in school? I couldn’t control myself but go up to her and talk. The girl was filled up with utmost innocence.

She was Ramla, 08 years old who was just six months old in Bangalore from Bihar her hometown. She had come with her mother, father and a younger sister. She never went to school throughout her life but only served herself and most importantly her family. She helped her mom cooking meals for her family everyday. And also looked after her younger sister Bharti who was just two years old.

Walking away from that place soon unhelpful was what I could do at that movement. Throughout my bus journey back home I only had Ramla's face flashing part my eyes back and forth. One last question I asked to myself was how many more Ramlas could be there in this world and how many more are yet to be born? I decided that I would surely do something to stop this evil social practice. And this is not possible only by me, we all need to move a step forward and take the necessary action to eradicate child labour from our country.

-PC - Aditi Jain.

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