Stop this abuse,stop child labour.

by Leena Philip June. 16, 2017 308 views

Why harm your own children? Educate them, empower them and try to provide them a bright future. Guide them the right path and as a parent if you cannot, at least don’t abuse because after all he/she is your child. By making them work at such a small age you are not only taking away their innocence but also their childhood and dreams. It is proved and psychologists say that working at such small ages can cause emotional and psychological downfall in turn harm them.

Around 150 million children are involved in this disastrous practice across the globe and out of which India is placed on the topmost.

What is more disheartening about this issues is that, despite knowing child labour is a criminal offence in India, people continue to do it. I came across a child labour near Lal Bhag main road in Bangalore named Sohaib. A 15 year old boy works in a small scale cupboard factory. He works there with four more men who are older to him. When tried to know about his life and situation more, his co workers didn’t allow him to speak at all. By trying to talk to those men about him, I got to know that he works from 9 in the morning to 8 at night. Talking to them more, it was clear that they were aware of child labour being an offence. So may be that is why they were avoiding any sorts of conversations with me and were trying to send me off.

Most child labour is practiced due to poverty and high population explosion. We can do the needful to eradicate the same. And one way we could do it is in near future if you ever come across such kind of incident try to provide those children education, try making their parents understand the importance of education. Try funding for their education seeking the involvement of government schools. If we all join hands together we can surely provide them all a bright future. So try bringing a bright smile on every child.

-PC - Aditi Jain

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