Doesn't he deserve a childhood?

by Leena Philip June. 19, 2017 605 views

We all come across heroes with no names, and one such hero who works day and night to run his family of two is Arbaaz. The 15 year old who has been living in Bangalore since childhood, left school in second grade to help his single mother run the family.He has been shifting jobs almost every year and now works at Surana Palace on Lalbagh Road, as a helper.

His family consists of just his mother and him, who work religiously to make a living in this busy city. He works almost eight hours a day to get a decent income to take home. Upon asking if he has ever wanted to continue schooling, he said he didn’t anymore because he can’t afford it, the time or the money.

In a world were education is so important we have these children working so that their family can have three meals a day. As adults is’nt it our duty to let them do what they need ,let them be their age and do everything a child their age does? We all compare our children to others in terms of mannerism, behaviour and education, would you compare your child to these children and be contented your family is’nt one like theirs?

PC: Aastha Katrela

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