She is working, but not on her education.

by Leena Philip June. 19, 2017 641 views

With the constant shift in the weather of this city, be it the heavy rains, cloudy skies or the scotching heat , Saraswati continues to work despite the circumstances. Her family consists of her brother and his daughter with her own child, a baby who is a year old. Working for five hours a day at an office as a part of the managing staff , she and her niece sweep the floors of the office to earn income of rupees 500 each per month.

Her niece is about 10 years old, who cannot go to school as their income is just sufficient to get them the basic necessities for a living . We forget that children who work fail to get necessary education and do not get an opportunity to develop physically,emotionally,psychologically and intellectually. At the age of 10, she takes care of her aunt's daughter, their home and helps her family financially. With constant battle against change this country is facing , can’t we contribute to fight for education of these children so they can have a childhood and do everything they see other children their age doing.

PC: Aastha Katrela

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Marlene Travels 3 years, 8 months ago

What a sad story...but everyday's reality in many parts of the world, I gues...

3 years, 8 months ago Edited