You see them everyday!

by Leena Philip June. 19, 2017 759 views

Newspapers are delivered to almost everyone’s homes but we fail to notice the ones who deliver them to us. The city is filled with boys who work with newspaper agencies and deliver newspapers in various homes in various localities of this huge city. Shashank,15, works for the same cause. He is born and brought up in Bangalore and lives with his mother and his 10 year old sister. They have the support of their uncle financially but he is determined on making his own contribution. The boy works for an advertising agency who delivers newspapers in Wilson Garden. They cover two apartments and a few local shops in the area as well. His work starts from 5am in the morning and goes on till 6:30am, after which he works with his uncle to end the day. When asked about his pay, he was proud enough to say he can provide food for his family and does not regret anything in his life right now except for the fact that he can’t go to school, but with utmost confidence he said that he’ll give his sister what he could’nt get so she doesn’t have to struggle and miss out on her education.

These are selfless sacrifices that make us stop for a second and think if what we think is a sacrifice, is it actually one? Though he hasn’t learnt from school, he sure has from the harsh realities of life. There are about a thousand more Shashank’s out there who have dreams and ambition but will they be able to peruse it under the pressure of child labour?

PC: Aastha Katrela

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