World Water Day (81/365)

by Lee Santiva March. 22, 2019 160 views
World-travelling water

World-travelling water

Why in the world should 500 milliliters of water travel around the world - at least 16,136 kilometers (10,000 miles) - to be sold in countries which have enough pure water?

I‘m adding to my post because maybe my point wasn’t so clear: think of the environmental costs: all of the energy required to transport this water 16,000 kilometers starting with the trucks moving from the bottler to the port, then across the oceans on freight ships then unloaded onto countless trucks which transport it on already over-crowded highways to stores. I consider it a collossal waste of precious resources to transport it over such a great distance to countries who already have enough sources of pure water.

Bottled water from the islands of Fiji available at my local grocery store in Germany for 1,79€. In order to take the photo this way I had to buy it, but I wouldn't buy it normally.

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Bob Rosenberg 11 months ago

We had a scandal in the US with bottled water.  It turned out that "spring water" was being bottled in cities using city water.  The cost per bottle didn't seem crazy high, but if you did the math and converted it to the cost per GALLON, the water was 3 times more expensive than gasoline.

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Björn Roose 11 months ago

Most interesting thing about it is that the hipsters buying that water will think they are doing something very ... pure and simple.

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Jennifer Raknerud 11 months ago

It is a very pretty bottle.  I bought one once and wasn't too impressed for the price I paid for it.

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Russell Smith 11 months ago

People complain about the price of Gas/petrol but very few stop to think about the cost of water or milk. It is insane to me.

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Lee Santiva Replied to Russell Smith 11 months ago

Thanks for commenting! People also don‘t think about the effect on the environment all of the energy spent to move 500 ml 16,000 kilometers

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Russell Smith Replied to Lee Santiva 11 months ago

That is true

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Jay Boggess 11 months ago

Proving, once again, that people will buy anything that's properly advertised! (((GRIN)))

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Lynn F Medley 11 months ago

Lovely shot! But like you I don’t get it 😐

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