Kites (82/365)

by Lee Santiva March. 23, 2019 134 views
Flying alligators

Flying alligators

These alligators appear to be swimming in a sea of clouds. In German the word for kite "flying" is the same word for "climbing". Alligators climbing in the sky.

I captured these inflatable flying creatures about two years ago with my iphone while we were out riding our bikes. They are part of a complete sea creature menagerie (photo#2) which are all strung together so that they "fly" in a coordinated pattern.

Flying menagerie of sea creatures

Flying menagerie of sea creatures

Maybe we'll see them again this year.

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Jay Boggess 11 months ago

WOW!!! Now there's something we don't see every day!!! Nice shots!

Your phone did a nice job! Thanks!

11 months ago Edited
Lee Santiva Replied to Jay Boggess 11 months ago

The „kires“ are so huge that we saw them from miles away and rode over to get a closer look. Thanks for commenting!

11 months ago Edited
Jay Boggess Replied to Lee Santiva 11 months ago

Thanks for shooting & sharing!!!grinning+1

11 months ago Edited