Refreshing (103/365)

by Lee Santiva April. 13, 2019 349 views
View of the Alps with our favorite refreshments

View of the Alps with our favorite refreshments

When we go mountainbiking we take a break once we've reached the peak to enjoy the view and get some quick energy with some delicious cake, coffee and a juice beverage called an Apfelschorle. This beverage is a 50-50 mixture of apple juice and carbonated water without any other additives or sugar.

Not only is this combination very tasty, particulary the Apfelschorle has been scientifically proven to be an effective refreshment during exercise.

A study* published in the Journal of Food Nutrition found that the diluted apple-water mixture was just as effective as commercial sports drinks like Gatorade in sustaining and improving performance and providing electolytes. The apple-water mixture provided not only additional nutrients and phytochemicals, which the commercial sports drinks did not contain, it was also about half the cost.


  • Gatorade® yields a 6% carbohydrate solution while apple juice diluted 50% yields a 5.9% carbohydrate solution, a comparable amount.

  • A 64 fl oz. bottle of Gatorade® G series Thirst Quencher 02 Perform, costs $2.19 (New York State tax included) or $0.034 per fluid ounce. In contrast, a 64 fl oz. bottle of Wegman’s Food Market’s brand apple juice costing the same amount yields 128 fl oz. when diluted by 50% with water equates to $0.017 per fluid ounce (as diluted to equate to composition of sports beverages).

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Piotr Matura 2 years ago

Great view! Alps are really beautiful. May I ask which part of them you have been to? I was on Grossglockner Route last year (but in a car) and was truly amazed by the cyclists climbing over 2,5km above sea level there. Congrats on climbing the peak on your route! :)

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Lee Santiva Replied to Piotr Matura 2 years ago

Thanks Piotr! I'm a mountain biker so I ride (non-electric) in the Austrian Alps and in Germany (where I live). This photo was taken in Tirol, it is a view of the Zugspitze which is the tallest mountain in Germany. The way up the mountain was on the Austrian side on a mountain whose peak is called Grubigstein. This is the Wolfahrtshausen Huette.

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Piotr Matura Replied to Lee Santiva 2 years ago

Thank you for the details. I've been in Munich last year and then seen only a little bit of Alps, but I'd gladly come back and see more, for example the part you described :)

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Russell Smith 2 years ago

That sounds quite refreshing. Funny thing about Gatorade is that it was developed by the University of Fla for the football team. For the longest time the royalties from the name went to the sports teams at the school.

2 years ago Edited
Lee Santiva Replied to Russell Smith 2 years ago

That's really interesting, I didn't know that

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Bob Rosenberg 2 years ago

I agree with Camellia - wonderful view.  Except too much liquid, not enough chocolate.  But you seem to have this failure to recognize that chocolate is the ultimate sports food.  anguished

2 years ago Edited
Lee Santiva Replied to Bob Rosenberg 2 years ago

Thanks! we get really thirsty riding up the mountain so we need to re-hydrate. I like chocolate too, however, unfortunately the high percentage of fat in the chocolate cannot be converted into immediately available energy for the muscles. The glycogen oxidation of fats takes about six hours to reach the muscles and by then we are back home smile So...have chocolate for breakfast before starting out!

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Bob Rosenberg Replied to Lee Santiva 2 years ago

OK, well just as long as you get your daily minimum requirement (measured in deci-ounces). grinning

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Björn Roose 2 years ago

Aha, finally I know what a "Schorle" is. Not that I'm gonna drink it anytime soon, but at least I can explain to my girlfriend next time she's looking for a non alcoholic beverage in Germany smile

2 years ago Edited
Lee Santiva Replied to Björn Roose 2 years ago

Schorle is any beverage where water is added. In southern Germany in the Palatinate they offer Weinschorle which is made with wine. The mixture is often only 10% water and 90% wine in a 0,5 glass, so she should be careful there

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Björn Roose Replied to Lee Santiva 2 years ago

What a waste of wine ... smile

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Camellia Staab 2 years ago

Beautiful view!

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Lee Santiva Replied to Camellia Staab 2 years ago

Yes it is even when its overcast/cloudy like on that day

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