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Silver charm bracelet

Silver charm bracelet

A charm bracelet consists of small ornaments, trinkets or decorative pendants which hang from the main bracelet body. The first evidence of jewellry charms date back over 70,000 years*. In the past centuries Queen Victoria and the famous Tiffany's store in NYC made charm bracelets a fashion statement.

By the 1950's-60's charm bracelets were very popular with American teenagers and were used to commemorate special events. That's probably why my mother gave me this gift since it was what she knew when she was growing up.

This charm bracelet has been in my jewellry box, unworn, for 40 years now. I had to spend a lot of time to get rid of the tarnish and get it polished up for the photoshooting.

My mother gave me the bracelet and first charm when I was 12 - it was a small round pendant with "Grown Up 12" written in the middle. At Christmas or on my birthday I would get charms from other relatives related to my hobbies, vacations or places they had been. My parents would reward me for "good grades" with a charm like when I graduated from junior high as Valedictorian or when I made the National Honor Society in high school. In just a few years the bracelet was completely filled up.

Close up of:  horse and saddle charms, souvenirs from vacations ...

Close up of: horse and saddle charms, souvenirs from vacations ...

It was uncomfortable to wear since many of the charms had sharp edges which poked me and it was loud and distracting to other people. The charms would often get stuck somewhere. Many times my Dad had to use a wire cutter to break off one of the rings to get me freed and then the bracelet had to be repaired.

I think I was 16 years old when I stopped wearing it and haven't worn it since. Seriously, why would I? Grown Up 12? :-)

I don't know what to do with it. After the photoshooting, I just put it back in the jewellry box to be forgotten again until 40 years from now when someone else takes it out of the box once I've passed on.


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smile excellent pun! and in a foreign language - plus points for you!!

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