Looking Up and Seeing Double (Tiger Moth)

by Lee Santiva April. 17, 2021 129 views
Double Decker -  taken with iphone and edited with Luminar

Double Decker - taken with iphone and edited with Luminar

This afternoon three small double-decker aircraft flew overhead while I was riding my bike.

Fortunately they flew much slower than regular modern airplanes, In fact, they seemed to fly in slow-motion. They flew so slow (cruising speed of 148 kmh) that I had time to stop, get off the bike, get out my phone and capture them.

But not slow enough for me to ride home and get my "good" camera :-)

Double Decker - De Haviland DH82 Tiger Moth (I think)

Double Decker - De Haviland DH82 Tiger Moth (I think)

On the wing was D-MOTH.

My husband is assuming that they were De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth aircraft which were built in Britain in the 1930's. (*3) Any photobloggers who are aviation experts please comment!

The clouds were competing with the plane during post processing so I'm posting three versions.

Double Decker - taken with iphone black & white  Luminar edit

Double Decker - taken with iphone black & white Luminar edit

Ever since Corona, air traffic at the small regional airport in Speyer has taken off (pun intended).

Clearly there is no greater social distance than the air to the ground.

The skies above my house have been busier and louder than ever before. Of course, it's still nothing compared to living under the arrival flight path of O'Hare airport, nonetheless it's been surprising.

In just one month there have been over 6000 additional startings and landings. (*1) This is only one of the explanations why the noise from the aircraft flying over our house has increased significantly.

There are at least a dozen factors why it has gotten so damn loud in our backyard.

Since Corona several new business models for aviation have flourished:

  • new flight school at the Speyer airport
  • sight-seeing and "exotic" airplane (like the double decker) flights
  • "Uber in the Air" (a name I just made up) a service with which you can hitch a ride on a flight to another small regional airport in southern Germany (*2)

Air traffic has also increased due to the fact that the hobby pilots who would normally fly away to some other country in Europe on vacation, are forced to fly locally due to Corona.

Professional pilots, who have been out of work ever since their employers have stopped business trips, are flying locally to log in the flight hours to keep their certifications. They are out there practicing in the corporate jet but at their own cost. About a month ago, as I was out walking, I observed how a private corporate jet practiced take-offs and landings over and over and over again, at least two dozen times in one hour.

For three weeks in March, over 60 NATO helicopters (Chinook, Apache and UH-60 Black Hawk) were flying manouvers as part of Operation "Atlantic Resolve" directly over our house. They were more difficult to capture because they flew even slower than the double decker (in formations of 8) so I'm not posting the photos.

By far the most annoying flying contraptions are the gyrocopters and the ultralights. They are very loud, sounding like a lawnmower and the pilots do not even attempt to avoid residential areas. I'd like to shoot them and I don't mean with a camera.

Double Decker taken with iphone (unedited)

Double Decker taken with iphone (unedited)

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