The Walls of Wynwood

by Nick Oleary March. 21, 2021 168 views

Welcome to Wynwood! It not too long ago got a bit of a clean up! This clean up allowed me to get up close And personal with many of the art, not on just these walls but all around! This one above is my personal Favorite!

The shots I took are just of my top 3. These I enjoyed most though I'm not much of an art guy I can definitely appreciate the time it took and how they made it as it's not some anyone can do so well. I enjoy the more around graffiti cartoonish art more than your typical Art Gallery.

Cannon T7i, 14mm wide angle

Cannon T7i, 14mm wide angle

Okay so this wasn't in the whole Wynwood Walls Exhibit, but it still peaked over and grabbed my full interest! This one you can tell stands out by just size! Though still couldn't make my number one spot, but for sure my number two! I really enjoyed my few hour visit and its a spot I would return too since there's still much to see and I noticed a few unfinished projects lying around!

This was just a simple grab off my phone in a candy store, haha. I just thought he was pretty cool himself! So whats your top 3? Is it the same as mine? Let me know!

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