Travel Mornings

by Nick Oleary March. 23, 2021 148 views

Usually when I travel I wake up early in hotels, so I tend to walk around and explore my area. I was walking around when I saw this car. It stopped at the intersection. The place was being built still. It was a little shopping mall kinda place. its also 7am haha. Anyway I it turned and stopped next to me, I was a good 25 or 35 feet away and 5 feet away from a building. I couldn't go it but it blocked their view of me. I looked through one of the windows.

I could keep a good eye on the car and I saw it turn around and head to the end of that buildin waiting for me to walk by, when I sing they quickly turned and went back the other way as if I turned around, when they did I walked along and saw them drive off looking around. Never to be seen again!

The two photos above this one were took on a parking garage. I made the two edits and could not nail down on which edit I liked. The first really fit the mood of the mornin, you can tell by the sky. The other has more color and exposes the beautiful colors of the hotel building background! I just couldn't pick. These are the photos i tend to take on my trips as I like to really show off the backgrounds of the places I go more than just myself at 7 in the morning haha!

That last one was just me practicing with leading lines and using the road. usually it's easier with the two lines going straight. Add an angle and you gotta change things just a bit!

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