Just before the rain

by Nick Oleary April. 11, 2021 87 views
Cannon T7i, 50mm f/1.8

Cannon T7i, 50mm f/1.8

These were taken just before a big storm. The first one is my personal favorite and was taken as the rain started to fall.

This one was for a $10 for 10 shot photo sale I offered during the last hour I was there. Managed $35 throughout that hour and this one stood out among the rest. The wind really picked up, but it added a nice sense of motion to the photo with a towering hotel behind her.

The last one out of the trio posted here was with a model I brought with me to help practice. This old Porche Carrera stood out for our perfect naclg element. I had him just walk infront while trying to keep his focus away from the camera. It lead to a balanced shot. The cop peaking behind the Porche I think added to the city vibe we looked for!

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