First Pictures of Real Alien Life-forms!

by Jp Fenyo (H.N. David) October. 23, 2008 6121 views

ANSCON intercepted electronic A/V signals from Constellation EG-4122 in Draco. These images are not for public disclosure. A total of three distinct humanoid non-terrestrial life-forms were isolated by JCOM-3 ANSCON.

Identified as being of Martian origin. Species left Mars 780 Million E.Y. ago. ISO factor: 315. Threat Level: 8.5. Base: Carbon.

Identified as being Zylesian from Rectum-5 near Ursa Minor in Sector 7ZQ5. Reptilian Features confirmed. ISO Factor: 299. Threat Level: 9. Base: Carbon.

Unknown Entity. ISO Factor: 999. Threat Level: 10. Base: Silicon.

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