The Most POWERFUL Person In The WORLD!

by Jp Fenyo (H.N. David) October. 06, 2009 3361 views

You can see ‘On The Edge with Theo Chalmers’ at The Free Advice Man Show YouTube Channel and find out WHO IS THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD!

The Most Wise Philosopher In Their World.

Bla bla bla.

And This Is A Picture of The Most Powerful Person In A World.

Man On Left: “Is it true that you slept with Sinead O'Connor?”
Man On Right: “Read my lips; I did not have relations with that woman!”
Man On Left: “I have documented proof right here that you did!”
Man On Right: “Those are nothing but cheap forgeries!”
Man On Left: “But you were friendly with her, right?”
Man On Right: “Spent a little bit of time in her company, nothing more.”
Man On Left: “In private?” Man On Right: “No….in the company of….hey! What's all this? I thought I was here to talk about Wombats!”

Title: Proof That Professional Idiots Can Get On TV Too! NOT!

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