"The Free Advice Man" song - The Crackles - World YouTube Premiere

by Jp Fenyo (H.N. David) November. 18, 2009 3960 views

EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE MUSIC VIDEO SENSATION! “The Free Advice Man” song by The Crackles, a UK Psychedelic, Big Beat, Funk music band. Music video a JP Fenyo Production.
The song is based on an article about The Original New York City Free Advice Man, also known simply as The Free Advice Man, that appeared in the Baltimore City Paper, a free weekly newspaper, in 1991.
The article was titled “Piece of Mind: The Free Advice Man Offers Wisdom To Troubled Passersby” by Robin Miller, page 4, July 19, 1991, City Paper, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The song was written by Jim Guynan in 1991 and this recording was released by The Crackles band in 2008.
The Free Advice Man is a Philosopher, Poet, Writer and Audio-Visual Artist, as well as Avant-Garde Film Director/Producer/Thespian. This music video was produced by The Free Advice Man. Silver Aleph Music Videos. Special brief appearances by: Isaac Asimov (in a photo with The Free Advice Man), people who were friends or friendly acquaintances of The Free Advice Man, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Quentin Crisp, Sandra Bernhardt. Photographs by David Blau, Jeff Amram, Scott McNealy, J. Nicholls, JP Fenyo etc. All Rights Reserved.

“The Free Advice Man” song by The Crackles Sensational World Music Video Premiere on YouTube. Video by JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

“The Free Advice Man” The Crackles.

“The Free Advice Man” The Crackles.

From the Music Video on YouTube; “The Free Advice Man” by The Crackles.

JP Fenyo “The Free Advice Man”

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Roberto 11 years, 9 months ago


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Jp Fenyo (H.N. David) 11 years, 10 months ago

The Crackles may not be pro-EU, pro-UN, pro-USA, pro-Humanity!
If they are; then why have they sought to belittle me or worse??

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