JP Fenyo at The Royal Joker Comedy Club!

by Jp Fenyo (H.N. David) December. 01, 2010 6723 views

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JP Fenyo at The Royal Joker Comedy Club in London, England, November 30, 2010.

The famous NEON sign of The Royal Joker Comedy Club in London!

“What?! Who said anything about buying everyone here free drink??? Not me! All I said was; if the lady sitting over there, wearing a red dress, will join me for a drink after the show I might re-divorce my wife. And even that was just a joke. A Joke! Okay?”

“You see this finger here! In this finger there is more intelligence and wisdom than Sarah Palin's chin!”

“I asked The Lord; WHY ME?! WHY?? What did I ever do to deserve being spat on by a blind camel?”

“FIVE! That's all! FIVE dollars….is all I am paying to see your girlfriend's mother's boyfriend's father ride that blind camel which spat at me!”

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