Day 4: Evan's Head to Grafton

by Letty Morris June. 01, 2017 2148 views
Evan's Head

Evan's Head

Banana car and I were all set to go until we realised the Merida Speeder had a completely flat back tyre after a night in Hotel Illawong’s high security (unlocked) back shed.

Once the new inner tube was in place, we zoomed off down the A1. Needless to say, it was freezing. Even the high tech 10$ gloves from 99 Bikes couldn’t keep the cold out…

Today was definitely hump day with 60 miles/ 97 km to cover (5.5hrs of cycling). Most of it was spent on the narrow hard shoulder of the A1 with oversized trucks whizzing past. I felt most at home in Maclean where all the electricity poles were covered in Scottish Tartan.

Highlights: the beautiful Clarence river and meeting SAUL my new support team :D

Lowlights: the wind

p.s i forgot to say that yesterday a cormorant flew next to me for about 20 metres.. I know..

pp.s can’t get over the sunset at Evan’s Head from yesterday so here’s a picture of it

ppp.s i have a new found appreciation for road surfacing

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