Day 5: Grafton to Woolgoolga

by Letty Morris June. 02, 2017 2313 views
Get your Merida Speeder here now...  Me at Halfway Creek. Creds: Saul

Get your Merida Speeder here now... Me at Halfway Creek. Creds: Saul

Today begun abruptly as Saul and I awoke (at the same time) to the freezing temperatures of our cabin in Glenwood Tourist Park. Not quite prepared for the cold, I had to leave the warm confines of the blanket to put on jeans and my towel in the hope of retaining some form of heat. I promise it was actually cold and we haven't just acclimatised to the Aussie weather... Anywho after some banana pancakes in the morning sun we began to thaw and hit the road for around 9.30am.

Today's distance was a meagre 35 miles/ 56 kms though strong head winds and lots of roadworks, similar to yesterday, made it feel quite a bit longer. The Black Eyed Peas kept me going though and despite having first disliked bumpy road surfaces, I've now grown fond of the vibrato I acquire. We met up at Halfway Creek where Saul had the tunes blasting and snacks ready.

Arrived to our airbnb in Woolgoolga for 1.30pm to a welcome party of the local roos. We'd been told that Woolgoolga is 'Byron 20 years ago' and it has definitely matched expectations.

Highlights: watching the sunset/surfers throughout magic hour with a mate, a pizza and a beer in hand AND going back to pick up some red Ralph Lauren swimming trunks I spotted on the hard shoulder earlier today

Lowlights: the smell of road kill

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John Morris 4 years ago

I can see a film coming on!

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