Day 59: Lola Arrives!

by Levonthelights January. 27, 2010 2861 views

Well, today was the big day. Lola Diamond decided to be born today instead of Feb. 8th, her due date. I got a call in the afternoon at work from Natalia that she was going into labor, so I called Jeanne and told her to pack our overnight bag, we're going to meet Lola! We drove up and met the rest of the family waiting. We ended up spending a lot of time in the same waiting room we waited in almost 11 years ago for Dominic to be born! Nat was given the same delivery room she delivered Dominic in as well! We got a call from mom in the delivery room shortly after 10pm that Lola had been born. She was 6lb. 5oz. and 18 inches. Dom and Marco talked on the phone and Marco heard Lola's cry over the phone in the background. We all got a chance to see her and it was amazing to see a new life. We'd spend the night and return the next day to visit Lola and Nat in the hospital.

Lee holding Lola Diamond

Lola's Feet

The proud parents Natalia and Lee

Lola being introduced to her big brothers

After a long hard day, Lola finally gets a rest in…

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