Day 99: Very Random Day

by Levonthelights March. 08, 2010 2361 views

I went to buy lunch and their system went down as i ordered, so the manager gave me my lunch free. I bought an item at Vons that rang up the wrong price. Instead of giving me the difference, they refunded me the whole price and said “it's on the house”!

I saw this car in my neighborhood. It said Search and Rescue, but looked like a wannabe Ghostbusters car. Had a little dog in the passenger window with a sign that said “dog is my copilot”

I came across this poster while waiting for my refund in Vons. It looks like a joke, the eyes look photoshopped larger and this dog has a mean underbite! looks scary, i think this was a legit poster though. I don't think this dog was accidentally lost, haha.

Our sink had a link so we had no clean dishes to cook with so it was a good excuse to get costco pizza. i used the money back from Vons to buy it, sweet!

I got this notice saying I've been selected to be part of Nielsen TV ratings! I'm stoked because I don't watch a lot of the popular stuff like American Idol, I'm going to sink the Nielsen ratings. haha.

This is from my work the other day. A customer complained that it looked racist. I don't know how it happened, it's in a sealed display box with security screws. I tried to fix it, thought i did, then as i walked away her head totally fell onto the ground. so then I just pulled her out altogether and smashed her head back on. she has no neck now, but at least she has a head. hhaaha

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