Day 137: The End Of The Line

by Levonthelights April. 15, 2010 2123 views

I watched the movie “The End Of The Line” tonight. It's a documentary about overfishing. It was well done and I learned some interesting things:
-Mitsubishi, yes the giant car/tv manufacturer is the largest purchaser of the tuna caught in the world. They control 60% of the market and are buying up all the tuna and freezing it so when it's out can name their price and make a fortune.
-Since the 50's when commercial fishing was started there has been a steady decline in the worldwide fish catch. If we continue catching as much as we do, all major edible fish will be gone by 2048.
-The largest trawler net towed behind a boat is big enough to fit 13 737 jets in it. These catch in one net what used to be a yearly haul for fishing boats.
-Fish waste has been found to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, linking the loss of so many fish to a contributing factor to global warming.
-Farmed fish is wasteful, because they're fed tons of good fish as food, that could be fed to humans. Not to mention unsanitary, they swim in their own waste daily.
-Newfoundland was a mecca for cod fishing from the 50's to the 80's. The unthinkable happened, they ran out of fish by the early 90's. Canada declared a ban on fishing the waters indefinitely. The fish population still hasn't recovered. A sign of what can happen world wide if things don't change.

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