Nothing But Blue Sky

by Lexlevans February. 23, 2008 1127 views

oh wow. it's been a rough last couple of days. But thanks to a wonderful mom (dancingdolphin) and great friends i've been alright. Lots of sunny days help too :-) not too many things get me down for longer than a day, but there are a few things that will. In this case, even though things didn't end up how i would have wanted it, it ended up a little better then it could have.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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Emme Tan 13 years ago

love no 2....

I wish Singapore has the same blue sky. Our blue sky is not blue enough.

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Abe Jackson 13 years ago

The second one is my favorite also.

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Dodgybuddy 13 years ago

the 2nd pic is really cool!

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Peter Krysko 13 years ago

#2 is outstanding.

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Allison 13 years ago

I'm glad you've had sunny days. Everything will work out. It always does

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Heidi 13 years ago

I've really been into ironwork lately. If I could, it would be all over my house. I love the details of it and the different designs you can find.

I like how you framed both of these pictures against the blue sky. Makes the designs even more noticeable. They are both great!

"Sunshine... on my sholder, makes me happy..." John Dever ;0)

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Mat 13 years ago

Sorry bud that you're having a bit of a rough go! I, for one, know how wonderful this blogging community can be ... hopefully things are on the upswing for you!

These shots are fantastic. Both wonderful perspectives and gorgeous blue skies. #2 to faves ...

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Carley 13 years ago

Hope things are better for you now! Your second photo is stunning!!

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Robert Moffat 13 years ago

Great pictures - and love the blue sky!

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Climbergirl 13 years ago

Great photos. I hope some good things are just around the corner for you!

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Picturemom 13 years ago

I love these shots, love the contrast of the tree and sky. look how beatiful the bare ugly tree looks against the sky - if we try hard we can always find the positive. Hope your week becomes more positive each day. What a blessing to have great family and friends.

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Nayah Nayah 13 years ago


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Tantatantan 13 years ago

lovely blue sky and great contrasts. I also had some troubles for several weeks but I am feeling better now. your nice pictures helped me a little and made me smile too :)

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É»„Æ™‹Ç†™ 13 years ago

great pic!!!

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Marsha 13 years ago

Your series express to me you are on your way up. Nice series.

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Diane Davis 13 years ago

Oh, nice photos, too.

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Diane Davis 13 years ago

And I hope that the rest of the weekend is delightful and wonderful for you. Sounds like you need it.

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Mary 13 years ago

The sunshine always feels so good, so let it warm your soul and mend your heart!!!

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Oldbabe 13 years ago

Sorry to hear you are feeling blue; however it seems you still have managed to take some photos that are looking up. You are lucky to be blessed with good friends and family.

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Jet28 13 years ago

Nothing like a beautiful blue sky to bring positive vibes :-) The second shot is way cool!

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Scmusicals 13 years ago

lovely set! wonderful composition. =)

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Jacki 13 years ago

Blue skies are definitely a good thing! Beautiful shots, could almost forget the temperature? I'm glad you're feeling better. I love you!

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Julie 13 years ago

Great shots! Love the perspective of #2!
Hope the blue skies continue for you(;

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Piotrek 13 years ago

Great post :)

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Abbeyh13 13 years ago

I am sorry to hear that!!!

#2 is so cool... awesome angle/perspective!

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