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Geese must have caused these footprints on the thin snow-covered ice on the pond at Big Creek's par 3 fourth hole.

If “Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning” is accurate, we should be in for some rough weather.

The wind blew the powdery snow into little furrows in our back yard. A short depth of field works to draw your eye to the center blades of grass.

This is where my day begins. Just above my wife's photo on the bottom of my computer screen is taped a quote that says: “A friend is someone who knows the song…

Trying to capture the sparkling detail in the snow, I got the “bonus” of shades of blue in the shadows.

It was warm enough to attract a few golfers today, but not warm enough to melt the ice on this par 3. This guy came up a little short.

After church Sunday morning, I went over to one of our city parks, where there are four old buildings built over 100 years ago that have been relocated from…