Baseball is so American!

by Steph Yiu August. 16, 2007 2298 views

It was a ridiculous game - Cubs won 7 runs in one inning. They beat the Reds 12-4.

Baseball is so American. Kathy and I were sitting there watching the game and thinking that it looks exactly like this in the movies. You'd never get anything like this at home. The way people interact, the way the crowd gets excited, the organ and the traditions… it's a lot of fun :) The Cubs win every time I go to a game… and this was my 7th time!

It's Kathy's first Cubs experience…! We had great seats because of free tickets my boss got.

My coworkers!

We climbed upstairs to show Kathy the view, even though we were sitting on the first floor. This is my favorite view of Wrigley.

Yup, she's taking the LSAT and workin' really hard… even at a Cubs game!

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