More rain

by Lisa May. 04, 2009 1619 views

On the Capitol Crescent trail in downtown Bethesda, still raining, but I wanted to walk. I walked to the grocery store and bought some luscious decadent nonlocal things (two mangoes and an avocado) and then carried them back to my office in the rain.

I wrote a bunch of philosophical crap but now I've deleted it. It's raining! It's just rain.

We've all escaped our offices and we're walking in the rain

Tension, transmission

I decided this guy was The Dark Teletubby

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Quailia 8 years ago

love the green

8 years ago Edited
Beth 8 years ago

#1 is a lovely shot. Good for you walking in the rain. I'm glad you captured how green every thing is round here these days.

8 years ago Edited
Lisa 8 years ago

No, it was a guy - he said "Hey" when I passed him, and I said "Hey" back. Then after I knew I'd walked on far enough I took his picture, because when I first glimpsed him in the distance I was just amazed at how he looked like an odd rubber toy or something. Of course close up he looked like a normal human, it's just at a distance that you get this odd effect.

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Tulpje 8 years ago

The last pic is great... maybe it was a woman even?

8 years ago Edited
Lisa 8 years ago


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Susan 8 years ago

lol@last comment, but that rain does provide for some beautiful green!

8 years ago Edited
Rezinka 8 years ago

roflmao at The Dark Teletubby!

8 years ago Edited
Soulcurry 8 years ago

Simply love pic #1.

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Bouds 8 years ago

Yes,a good walk in the rain is serious therapy.

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Moxie 8 years ago

A walk in the rain can do you a world of good. A mango on a rainy day is ok, too.

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