My beginning

by Hannah February. 28, 2017 531 views

To begin.....

My life has always been simple, actually to make it easier i would say i have lived under a rock.

mom was a over controlling keep us safe kind of person, nothing wrong with that but when your grown...time to let me live a little.

not your typical red hair, freckles, hazel color changing eyes....i'm unique.

how you ask...

well, i have grown up raising 4 siblings, 2 nieces...and about to venture into the so called MARRIED LIFE.

My journey to finding the one....

well operating off of what i saw growing up and what little "living" i could do, my parents split when i was 4. both have remarried and have been married for over 20 years this time. traveling back and fourth wasnt bad as most kids would make it out to be. i knew i was loved and cared for, as did my sister.

when i was young one of my first loves was my uncle...he taught me how to play softball which is a passion of mine, along with sports i enjoy some photography on the side. which lead me to meet my second uncles wife Kimberly.

she was from Massachusetts, very northern compared to myself in Nc.

They to me were the most picture perfect couple you could ever imagine...think of the story the notebook how madly in love they were...well that was my Uncle and Kimberly.

We all called her "Kimmer" during their dating life she started to show interest in photography, hence where i grew to love it, even if i wasnt good at it i felt it brings me closer to her.

she would photograph us, and eventually after they got married she opened up her own studio, later we found out she had Lupus and instead of dealing with it face on with family, she opted to go out into the world and try to live her last moments on this earth without us. 

everyone handles and deals with life differently, though she doesnt understand the impact she left on my sisters and myself, and how much of a role model she played in our lives.

Kimmer passed away when was about 18 or 19 which now has been almost 8 yearts ago. Her work you can sometimes find online which is how i got my cover page photo. she did amazing work, and aside from leaving during her hard time, i know she loved did we her.

i started this blog to document a life of pictures everyday even though i am slighly behind...Feb 27th i will begin.

2017 has so far been an EXCELLENT year for me.

I celebrated New Years with the Man of my dreams as well as some friends who i enjoy spending time with.

I turned 27

I got ENGAGED! 01/28/17

I set a Wedding date 10/14/2017

and i have been planning away.

My Handsome Fiance is someone i met in school, never thought we would end up together, but funny how things work when you least expect them, and He is AMAZING!

My ring was custom Made, couldnt ask for anything more beautiful!

i look forward to continuing this blog though time and look back and look at all i go through.

And Never forget, life will always get better

Kimmers photo

White Out

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Pam Brighton 3 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to Photoblog! Interesting blog. Awesome shot, now show us some of yours.

3 years, 10 months ago Edited
Ram Ya 3 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to PhotoBlog, Hannah!
Loved reading your story and excited to see what you will create here. Your aunt is a really good photographer :)

3 years, 10 months ago Edited