Winter, Moonlight, and Blue

by Mark Lineberger February. 11, 2017 1050 views

It is really too bad that it gets cold during the winter...especially when the sun goes down. It forces me to dress to stay warm enough so I can spend time outside without turning into a popsicle. The good news is that it gets dark early, the cold temps keep the humidity down, and when the moon is out there is a certain magic I always find. Add in some fresh snow and I have to fight off feeling tired to get out and experience that unique calm. It is exciting as I know there will be something special and unique I'll come back with when it is time to warm up.

Last evening was my first opportunity to be out with all of those elements present, and it did not disappoint. Regardless of any plan or results...I enjoyed every minute...working quickly at times as the light changes by the minute. I'm always learning something when I have the chance to shoot when the sun goes down...especially to NOT forget your flashlight in the car so you can manage to be more certain of your focusing!

With the nearly full moon behind me, it lit up the ground and clouds along a covered bridge with Venus prominent in the evening sky.

There is a reason why there is an hour called the Blue Hour. The ground covered by snow enhances the soft blue glow with the tree tops being pushed by small gusts of wind.

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