Too Tired to Get Out of My Own Way!

by Felecia September. 01, 2011 4246 views

I was at work for over 11 hours today. I look forward to catching up on all your blogs and comments by Saturday. Have a fabulous Friday tomorrow my friends!

Today's Music []-Warren Zevon

These are all work shots taken at various times this week.

Astoria wakin' up..

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Mandi Sams 6 years ago


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Marie 6 years ago

Very beautiful shots love them all mainly # 4 with the clouds and sun over the mountains

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Christa 6 years ago

Beautiful with these stunning clouds and mist.

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Tomie Poodle 6 years ago

wonderful set! i like 2 the most...the charming touch of colors in the mist!

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April 6 years ago

last shot is beautiful. looooove it

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Gregg Maretka 6 years ago

completely beautiful shots

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Amanda-Jane 6 years ago

Gorgeous! Especially love that first shot!

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Lis 6 years ago

so beautiful feby.. love everything of it!

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Brenda Nelson 6 years ago

Oh, my, I love the drama of #2 - and the vivid colors in #4. Have a restful weekend, my little friend!

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Mimmo Mallamo 6 years ago

I love #1 (and all the other shots of course). I think that sky reflexes upon the water on the right side of picture, the colors of sky and the sea, the clouds, the ships, all is perfect in this shot. It's so wonderful!

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Helen Hooker 6 years ago

These are so beautiful. Have a great weekend!

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Lukesmom 6 years ago

I'm feeling your pain!! I am way tired too. These are great. Especially love #2; just beautiful. You live in a gorgeous place! Hope you have a great weekend. Do you get Monday off?

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Tom 6 years ago

Awesome captures Feby

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Michael Sakowicz 6 years ago

Great quote and song by Warren... Happy weekend! [In a few hours for you I believe...]

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Alison May 6 years ago

Thanks so much Felecia, I like #1 best ..... you have a great weekend and try to relax a bit :-)

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Walter 6 years ago

Should I pull your ear? :-)

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Marsha 6 years ago

Beautiful morning!!!! The light and color in #1 is just superb, Feebs....a wow shot! I'm getting the early morning mood of your sleepy little town....think I need a cup of coffee ;))

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Eric Breizh 6 years ago

Very nice pictures !

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Darlene Foster 6 years ago

Such a beautiful place you get to live in! Hope you get a lot of rest this holiday weekend!

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Igor 6 years ago


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Yves Monast 6 years ago

very nice pics...

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Oscar 6 years ago

Great title, great song, great #1 Feebs!! And to Kelly....put the bong down lol...just kidding!! :)

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Kelly 6 years ago

Still looks like the water is moving to me...LOL must still be tired HOOKER! LOL Nice set though, 4 real :P

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Jumiella 6 years ago

Very dramatic skies! Beautiful set. :)

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Pilar 6 years ago

Lovely pictures and a very nice title! (:

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Graham 6 years ago

have a great weekend the pictures are fantastic love them all

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Moira 6 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to post these Have a restful , fun weekend!

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Finbarr 6 years ago

Beautiful shots !!

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Pete 6 years ago

Love #2

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Beth 6 years ago

hope you have a wonderful Friday too. that is one longgg day my friend. you capture the best light and the fog lifting from the town with the colorful little houses is just fabulous

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Mallusatish Reddy 6 years ago

Beautiful images,Astoria waking awesome~!~

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Davorka ČEoviä‡ 6 years ago

Again on Friday, I am really looking forward to it. My dear Febby this is a very nice series, first and third photo are really great, so relaxing!

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Breizh 6 years ago

I like that ! Especially the last one. Have a very good friday . :-))

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Leslie D 6 years ago

Astoria waking up is so soothing.
Another fab set.
Friday's comin'!

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Derek 6 years ago

I like your caption for #2. The skies are amazing:) All in all, a great set, Love!

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Jorge L Moro 6 years ago

Beautiful images. I love the light in the first one. And I love Warren!!

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