day 146, colouring in

by Richard Livings July. 23, 2017 1076 views
Colouring in

Colouring in

Another day, another shot of my commute and another shot of a bridge. It is funny how people can get stuck in a familiar pattern. Maybe I need to force myself to try to take more shots of my dull office. Maybe not.

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Christian Hammer Nielsen 3 years, 6 months ago

Monet painted that pond countless times. There's nothing wrong with coming back to the same scene if you feel like you're not done with it. :)
I wouldn't want you to force yourself to anything, but push yourself to think of what it is about the bridge-scene you feel like you haven't captured yet. :)
Does that make sense?

3 years, 6 months ago Edited
Ram Ya 3 years, 7 months ago

I think the bridge looks exciting. Here in Toronto I rarely see a bridge made out of bricks.

3 years, 7 months ago Edited