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by Elizabeth Aranda February. 28, 2017 1783 views


weekend in Tijuana, Mexico •   Tijuana, how I loved Tijuana. But how it also made me realize how much I love Ensenada. This weekend my base and I drove up to the TJ YWAM base for a staff conference. Since I'm not staff I worked in youth ministry ☺️. Myself and 4 others were in charge of a group of 24 preteens and teenagers. It took about a week of planning to figure out what we'd do for these kiddos Friday-Sunday. We had them for about 8 hours in total a day, so we decided that we'd do lots of fun games (some of the kiddos favorites were capture the flag, mafia, and humans vs zombies). Also we did crafts such as friendship bracelets (I was pleased to see the boys liked making friendship bracelets also!!). Then we did two lectures a day: we taught them about fear of God, identity, acceptance and gave them multiple bible verses to study and look up. We also did "small groups" twice a day to reflect on the lectures. I held a small group full of the sweetest girls who were so interested in growing with their relationships with god and becoming the best versions of themselves possible. It was really nice to share with them my experience of dealing with bullies, accepting others, and how to get through the awkwardddd teen years! It was a very long but fulfilling weekend in Tijuana. One really good thing came from it, I realized my love with working with youth! (Preteens and teenagers). It was nice to be able to hold genuine and deep conversations but also goof off and act like a kid again. Tijuana treated my base and I amazingly but I'm very happy to be back in Ensenada, there's no place that can replace h o m e (:. 

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