My heart stopped

by Elizabeth Aranda March. 27, 2017 2058 views

The past few days have been a blast. My twin sister Emily came down to visit me in Mexico and it has been so nice and refreshing seeing a familiar face from home. I've taken her all over Ensenada- to my church on Sunday, my favorite Waffle House, my favorite coffee shop, the beach I surf at, and even just showing her around the area. My sister said something to me that made my heart stop, as we were going around Ensenada I knew how to get everywhere without thinking twice. I even knew the side streets and short cuts. And my sister told me, "you know Ensenada like your home". It made my heart stop because she was right- as we went to my favorite taco place the workers greeted me like an old friend. Even the OXXO (a chain store in Mexico) workers knew my name. And I realized how blessed I have been to live in Ensenada the past 3 months. A lot of people get the chance to be tourists, but not everyone has the chance to be travelers. To go to a foreign place, learn the culture, get familiar with the area, make relationships with the people. It made me super super happy. 1 week until I go to Brazil. I'm so stoked to get to know Brazil. (The photo above is a photo I took at a local church in Ensenada- prettiest church I've ever seen) 

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