Mexico, I love you.

by Elizabeth Aranda April. 01, 2017 1652 views

This is a day that I never thought would come, but it has come. It is my last day in Ensenada, México because tomorrow I'm getting on a plane to Brazil. My time in Mexico... how could words even sum up my time in Mexico. Mexico taught me a lot of beautiful lessons. Getting a little personal here- I was a very insecure and a broken woman coming to Mexico. I always felt like I couldn't connect with the outside world, that I was different (and not in the good way). I struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression so I stayed in my bubble. And I felt helpless. All I ever wanted to do was save the world. And that's such a huge phrase. But god gave me a heart that is very sensitive to the sufferings of others. Sometimes it's been a curse, but other times a blessing. I was dissatisfied in highschool and after I graduated. I was dissatisfied listening to people talk about material things and celebrity hook ups. I tried to fit in with the crowd but I couldn't. It left me empty. I knew there was more out there. More than name brand clothes and expensive cars. So I did the scariest thing I've ever done in my life and signed up to be a missionary. So that's where the story comes back to Mexico. Mexico taught me to love myself. Mexico taught me to forgive myself. Mexico taught me that I am perfectly made in god's image. Mexico humbled me and showed me my pride. Mexico taught me to love others. Mexico taught me that it's okay to be different. Mexico introduced me to a simpler life. Mexico fulfilled my dream- of helping. Of learning to save others. Of giving myself hope. And most importantly, Mexico returned me to god. And I'm so excited to be in Brazil. I will definitely be posting blog updates in Brazil because I want to keep you all informed. Also exciting news, after I come back from Brazil... I have decided to stay in México for the summer to work as "Mission Adventures" staff. I can go more into detail with that when the time comes.. but I'm excited to be apart of this beautiful program that changes the lives of hundreds of teenagers every summer. Thank you all for your support. Wish me luck and pray for my team as we head off to Brazil!! Also another pray request, today half my team is leaving for a mission trip all around Mexico. Pray that they will have a safe journey please.First stop: Recife, Brazil 💚

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