Recife, Brazil

by Elizabeth Aranda April. 05, 2017 1768 views

How can I even sum up the experiences in Brazil?! It's barely been a week and I feel like I've experienced a whole different world. I just wanted to let you all know that my team and I arrived safely in Brazil. Just traveling was an adventure in itself. To get to Brazil we did 38 hours of travel non-stop. Long plane rides and even longer layovers but it was awesome. My team and I are staying at the BEAUTIFUL YWAM base in Recife. And I feel like I've stepped into a new world. It never is below 80 degrees here and is super humid. It's an odd mix of city and jungle but I love it. The buildings don't have AC but instead have huge windows and doors to let in cool air. And it rains randomly a few times a day. The people are so so so beautiful on the inside and out. And the food is SO good. Even the liver we ate for lunch.... anyways, starting Friday our team is going to do Portuguese lessons with our awesome translators! I'm super stoked to learn this new language and be able to communicate with the people better. Today I worked in the base's women's ministry called "project amor" (project love). We did a bible study with local women and then shared our personal experiences and prayed. Afterwards my teammates and I taught some of the girls our age how to make string bracelets for a few hours. It was super fun to be able to connect with the women especially since my heart is so passionate about women's ministry. I'm super excited to see the girls tomorrow. Also the presence of jesus is so powerful here, worship and intercession is so powerful. It's really opened my eyes to different cultures. Again, I feel like I'm in a whole different world. I'm covered in mosquito bites and sweat and there's giant ants all over my things, but I'm already in love with Brazil. Thank you all for the support and I can't wait to continue to update you all on the awesome ministries here and the gorgeous country of Brazil. Love you all! 🇧🇷

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Stephanie 4 years ago

Lovely photo and I wish you well for your time in Brazil. Very different to my visit which was to Rio and Florinapolis- more tourist area's, but still very beautiful.

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Ram Ya 4 years ago

Wow, Brazil! You must be having a lot of fun.
Great photo that explains the tropical environment there. Hope to see more from your trip.


4 years ago Edited