Adventures in Recife

by Elizabeth Aranda April. 10, 2017 1560 views

Already being in Brazil has been such an experience. Living in Brazil there is nothing familiar here and I realized I have to rely on god. I've been growing a lot in my relationship with god in such beautiful ways. Some of the main things I've come to realize is that even if my physical body is tired and weak, it's important to keep my soul on fire and passionate. Also god will lead you to places you could never imagine if you let him, such as being in Brazil. There's been a few things I've had to push myself to mentally accept, for example always being dirty and sweaty. But it's already been such a pleasure being in this new culture. I recently worked with a ministry that focuses on street children so Friday night I went out on the streets with a team. Never in my life have I seen poverty like that, words can't explain the devastation. And never have I worked with street children before. But god's presence was so heavy and I really saw his love for the people on the streets. For hours I played jump rope, colored, and played soccer with street kids. It was almost midnight until we left and the kids were still wide awake and wanting to play. Still I'm in a really deep thought about what I saw. Other then working in women's ministry on base also, my team spent our time cleaning the base and spent a few hours digging holes (holes for a foundation for a new building). On Saturday we had an off day and went to the beach- getting to the beach was an adventure in itself. Crowded buses and trains. It was crazy. But super fun. And Sunday we attended a church at night where we performed a skit for the community and two of my friends shared their testimonies. It's a busy life in Brazil but I'm really enjoying living in the moment and appreciating my time here in Brazil. Thank you all for the support!! P.s. There are lots of coconut and mango trees to climb, so in the picture above is some coconuts my team picked and ate for a snack. DELICIOUS! 

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