The streets

by Elizabeth Aranda April. 15, 2017 1425 views

It's a heaviness that you can't explain, unless you see it with your own eyes. Working in street ministry has changed my life. I've worked in red light districts before but never have I seen poverty as in Brazil. Children playing in dirty streets full of trash and rats. They have no shoes and worn clothing yet the biggest smiles on their faces. Seeing children without parents until late in the night. Seeing children doing drugs. Children, with drugs. Poverty is an ugly thing. Some faces, some images I won't be able to forget. That knot in your stomach when someone asks you for food, and you can see the look of sadness in their eyes when they ask. Never in my life did I ever have to ask for food because it was always provided. Minutes after I left an area full of homeless there was a person shot and killed. I heard the gun shots but it didn't phase me what had happened until the news spread. It really opens your eyes. But I saw homeless men worshiping tonight, in their drunkenness singing praise to god, reciting John 10:10 to me perfectly, and telling me they dream of the day they will be in heaven. I guess that's the point of this blog update, to show god's love. God sees his people, he hears his people's cries, he hasn't forgotten them even if this earthly world has. If you want to change things, then love. Love everyone you come across. Smile at people, hug them, don't shy away from a person just because they are dirty or different. When you love you show god's love. Through you, god will work his Holy Spirit. There's always light in the darkness. 

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